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Pan Shiyi SOHO 3Q

micro-blog V on the Internet, mobile Internet is removed from the pan for so many years, the Internet brings a keen sense of the impact of traditional industries. For both inside and outside the industry, the Internet is also thinking about learning, how to embrace the internet.

Pan Shiyi said: "there is a company called Wangjing SOHO baihe.com, big data is a matchmaker, can fix on more than 1 thousand days, even on objects can be the Internet, what can


so how to introduce the Internet in the real estate industry, to create a mobile office era office resources O2O platform, he became the main thing to think about in 2014.

as business chiefs, Pan Shiyi knew that only do more down to earth than the competition, more understanding of the needs of users, in order to have a space for one person. For example, today a lot of O2O projects, whether it is Internet banking, or car rental, meal, are not purely virtual Internet, the Internet is combined with many industries. Entrepreneurs need to visit 500 restaurants, visited 500 taxi drivers, so that they understand the user’s behavior deeply, have a good chance.

in order to more in-depth understanding of the Internet, Pan Shiyi set their own goals: monthly visits to 10 Internet Co, to learn from them. In such a short period of time do not know what to learn, to listen to their own waist Pandanyi said Zhang 9cm, indicating that the hospitality was still.


after preparation and thinking, in February 1st, Beijing Wangjing SOHO and Shanghai SOHO SOHO 3Q Renaissance square at the same time opening test operation, two projects opened up three floors, a total of 1500 seats for the first model to try.

said a simple point, SOHO 3Q is actually a company short rental O2O platform. At least you can rent a desk, most can rent an office lease, can rent for 1 weeks and 1 months. And Pan Shiyi hope SOHO 3Q can be provided to the user, not only is the free coffee apple, copy printing and WiFi office, he would prefer to enter the company in 3Q has a relaxed and efficient office environment.

Pan Shiyi innovation road

in China’s real estate sector, Pan Shiyi is an alternative. He again in a non whirlpool, a play, not by common sense, from the concept of SOHO, blog micro-blog, film, book, and then simply entered the "TV host circle".

SOHO company in 2014, China’s real estate sector, ranking 100. SOHO company for other real estate sector heavyweights in terms of it as the mobile phone industry Jinpeng, prospective network information industry, beverage industry’s strongman, a lot of people have not heard of the brand.

Pan Shiyi, how can this small property company take off

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