Sinopec O2O victory the first leading electricity supplier hand shop No 1

China’s largest oil refining company China Petroleum Chemical Co (hereinafter referred to as Sinopec) recently cross-border cooperation on addiction.

August 22nd, Sinopec announced that Sinopec Sales Co., Ltd. and domestic B2C electricity supplier business 1 shop signed a cooperation framework agreement. This is the first time Sinopec e-commerce partners. At this point, and Sinopec Sales Company "alliance", the SF express, RT mart, Tibet Zhuoma springs, shop No. 1.


according to the latest agreement, the two sides will be mainly in joint procurement, O2O (online and offline linkage) business, business platform cooperation, oil sales and other areas of cooperation. Including the play store No. 1, global sourcing platform advantages and easyJet 2.3 10000 stores scale advantages, the implementation of joint procurement of goods, reduce procurement costs; since the mention and merchandise sales and other two-dimensional code O2O in Sinopec express convenience store pilot to carry out electricity supplier parcel (linkage online and offline) business; explore open area in shop No. 1, sales of Sinopec easyJet characteristics of goods; explore cooperation electronic business platform, to carry out cross marketing; Sinopec as shop No. 1 with high quality oil.

Sinopec this shop No. 1 cooperation, in addition to innovate in joint procurement, O2O (online and offline interaction) business, oil sales, logistics and other aspects of cooperation, and cooperation is similar before sf.

according to reports, the future customers in the gas, Sinopec express convenience stores through mobile phone two-dimensional code sweep function, optional 1 store goods, to achieve on-site purchase orders. In addition, the shop No. 1 to complete a single purchase order customers can also be found in the petrochemical designated refueling site.

calculated in accordance with the number of gas station, Sinopec Sales Co. Ltd. is China largest and the world’s second largest oil supplier; by the end of 2013, with more than 30 thousand self fueling (gas) station, 80 million fuel card card customers; in 2013, the share of more than 60% in the domestic oil market.

It is worth mentioning that, since last year, Sinopec proposed mixed ownership reform, announced earlier this year, oil sales business segment of existing assets (including gas stations and Yi Jie) to restructure the

. The specific scheme is that the stake in oil sales segment open no more than 30%, by way of capital increase, the introduction of social and private capital, mixed ownership management.

previously, Tencent holdings, Canada’s largest retailer Couche-Tard Inc and other investors shortlisted Sinopec oil sales company second stake in the list of competing competition.

who will choose who to sell their oil sales business partners, Sinopec has been silent to the outside world.

August 21st, the Wall Street Journal quoted informed sources as saying that the group Sinopec has with Shanghai based private enterprises Fosun sign.

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