Experts teach you from the domain name of the ten principles

As the saying goes: "

1; not bad, bad words is impossible, the " name is very important.

Chinese people always pay attention to the names of all the plans for a lucky, for a taste. But the name of the.Com and the general name Chinese characters are very different, the only URL English, how will China profound traditional culture into modern form of the domain name is indeed a lot of brains, and the domain name as a kind of intangible resources, but also by the relevant laws and regulations of the various constraints, domain name registration, each country has detailed provisions. In our country, the domain name management is modeled by the trademark law, which is protected by the law of the state. But in the premise of not violating the above principles, who belongs to the first registration. Considering all of the above factors, we should pay attention to the following points when naming your.Com:

2 fast domain name is a kind of intangible assets, relative to the public’s attention is a scarce resource, so many disputes occur cybersquatting. When you consider that a good domain name, you must be aware of at least 100 people around the world have thought this name, at least 100 people just think of the name, there are at least 100 people immediately think of the name. In order to make your favorite domain name is not registered by others, you need to accelerate the pace of the application for registration. The sooner you make your domain name known to the public. Business can be kept confidential, the only thing that can not be kept secret is that you have registered the domain name.

3 to have the Oriental color although all in the Internet, but the eastern cultural background and Western culture prospects are very different. The same syllable for the Chinese and Americans may mean a completely different meaning, so that people have different imagination, so the Chinese enterprises must have a domain name. Such as China-Domain, China-eFax and so on, let people see is the color website China glance. The simpler the better domain name must be simple, easy and easy to read simple spelling. A complex combination of symbols is a luxury for a limited memory. Suggest that your domain name (unit name) is best not more than 8 characters. Like Sina, Sohu, 163, 263, 8848 is very short, easy to spell easy to understand and easy to remember. Of course, there are many good names that have been large companies or those wangchongmen occupy a personal homepage. However, as long as you give full play to your imagination, there are still a lot of characters that are not held in waiting for your discovery. Do not superfluous, the concise and to the point, a combination of characters don’t want to give away. Avoid those who do not have the character of the prefix and suffix, cyber, net, tech, digi, XYS, and so on, plus they will only get " Oh, sounds like the mid 90s! ".

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