Tmall responded Jingdong report chicken duck said duck monopoly Lake

[Abstract] Jingdong report said the Alibaba in " double eleven " promotion stress one of two businesses, this is a typical diandaqike.


Tencent science and technology news (Sun Hongchao) November 4th news, the domestic electricity supplier business Jingdong said last night that the real estate industry and commerce administration has been reported to disrupt Alibaba e-commerce market order. Jingdong announcement pointed out that the Alibaba group in " double eleven " promotional activities in the coercion of merchant " select a " two;. This is a typical diandaqike behavior, makes shopping in other business platform on the customer can enjoy fair promotions, harm the interests of consumers; their behavior interferes with the brand business in the marketing and promotion of other business platform, damage the business interests.


dual eleven preparatory committee spokesman Fang Ya today responded that Tmall will continue to expand in the price, delivery speed, lead customer service service, and product quality advantages, continue to surpass themselves and customer expectations. At the same time, Ya Fang said: "the market needs the spirit of entertainment, but can not only stay in the entertainment spirit; the market is speculation, but can not always stay in the hype, but not the pengci and speculation as a cause. The market does not believe in tears, the market needs to open and fair competition in the sun, do companies need to face the reality of the play and courage. We respect the real name, but today is… Chicken real name reported duck, said the duck monopoly of the lake…"

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