Electricity supplier website to follow a single product strategy will be optimized to buy their own

September 11th morning news, following the millet single product where customers will introduce the idea of the electricity supplier industry, BELLE’s website and purchase to follow this strategy: own brand of high-end sports shoes will push this month, the main air cushion technology, and plans to subvert the existing sports shoes market price system.

is reported that the best buy in the first half of this year launched its own brand sports shoes project, has entered the finishing work. Expected in late September will be released on the whole network.

as BELLE’s international business website, excellent shopping mall fashion on July 2011 on the line, the early name and purchase online shoe shoes and sports shoes and apparel goods flagship. 2013 became the largest footwear electricity supplier. The same year, the company changed its name to excellent shopping mall fashion, fashion apparel online shopping website positioning platform, and quickly become the largest fashion B2C.

as excellent purchase selling fast fashion brand INNET, was founded in 2004 in Hongkong, previously the main female market, a variety of models of sales over a million double. This year, excellent shopping mall to strengthen the INNET brand, launched more suitable for online shopping shoes. At the same time, excellent purchase also launched the first half of the INNET sports shoes project.

It is reported that

is creating subversive sports shoes, and purchase hired a group of senior designers from internationally renowned companies, and with the domestic production of long-term international well-known sports brand sports shoes factory, after six months of design, development, testing, launch of the two series, 25 kinds of sports shoes products.

is understood as excellent purchase and the launch of the sports shoes series flagship series: INNET cloud series air shoes, excellent purchase uses the highest standard "INNET MAX" full palm cushion technology, this technology has the most powerful cushioning technology, can greatly reduce the knee and ankle joints in the movement of the impact force, increase bouncing power. At the same time, its original AIR-STENT air cushion stent technology, so that the air cushion to be better protected.

is currently the best choice for the purchase of INNET sports shoes final commissioning and testing, is expected to be in mid September, the sale of goods, in late September, the global synchronization. On the price of goods and listing activities, excellent purchase will be announced later, but it is understood that the market will be much cheaper than the price of thousands of dollars. (Lin Ming)

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