Two times a week veteran online shopping cheated half a year savings for naught

Chongqing morning news reporter Wang Tingting Jing ran 26 year old Hu Chunjuan very depressed. Online shopping experience for up to 7 years, in just a week, even suffered a series of deception, has been cheated nearly 50 thousand times nearly $two.

Hu Chunjuan lives in Yubei District, 26 years old, she likes to shop online. In May 28th, Hu Chunjuan at a friend’s introduction, buy high imitation in a micro shop luxury handbags. Micro shops offer a Alipay account, the same day, Hu Chunjuan took 600 yuan of money to the seller through Alipay.

wait for two days are not shipped." In May 30th, Hu Chunjuan to the micro shop seller expediting, results are direct sellers set into the blacklist, 600 yuan boondoggle.

Hu Chunjuan more think more angry, hope to protect their legitimate rights and interests through a number of ways. In June 5th, Hu Chunjuan found the Alipay service hotline through the network, through voice prompts, Hu Chunjuan learned that Alipay can help recover the amount of $600. But the other said, let Hu Chunjuan with a bank card, according to the voice prompts to the bank, you can successfully refund.

then Hu Chunjuan arrived at Yuanyang LRT station beside the bank ATM, and in accordance with the other requirements, operation. "How much money you left in the card?" is not a bank card is inserted, the other first asked Hu Chunjuan for the balance of the card. Hu Chunjuan not only did not find abnormal, but truthfully answer each other’s questions. Immediately urge the other to speed up the operation.

after the operation, the other side hung up the phone. Subsequently, Hu Chunjuan received a bank transfer notice. Wake up, she immediately called the so-called service hotline, the phone has no answer.

Hu Chunjuan said that through the transfer list can be seen, 49850 yuan was transferred to a head of household called the bank card on the Fu Zhiqiao. According to the evidence, she immediately called the police.

hard saved more than half of the money, about no." Hu Chunjuan said, this two days cheated, he was angry to sleep every night can’t sleep, she reflects on the whole process I cheated, "I hope that other people don’t like being cheated with me, in the face of this kind of thing, must be calm, do not be too impulsive."

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