American virtual hosting experience

for English network’s sake, the lifting of the virtual host many US, we have no money, can not afford to buy a server, even VPS also do not expect, only to do with the virtual host of the United States, with more, understand more will, write out and share with everyone, first of all thank you the host from the detective, have learned a lot from their forum got a lot of help, at the beginning, I even do not know what is the virtual host, now I can give you some purchase experience, ha ha, can achieve this point, I can pay a lot of sweat. I hope that my experience can make the latecomers less detours.

why buy a virtual host


from my own view, I do is English website, I just to see the Yankees, foreign oriented, for their access speed, the best choice is to host the United States, there are also a lot of other reasons, such as: do foreign trade network, and I like to visit the United States, speed too, the domestic record of trouble, especially the forum is not good for the record, choose to host the United States gave birth to a process, there is a more important reason: buy large space with low host, or in order to obtain high quality service, and so on

should be noted that the United States should use what


from my own experience, it is important from the following aspects.

first, try to use the PHP program, the domestic ASP webmaster is very much, I started using is ASP, the selected American host, found that they vary greatly, ASP host, not only the space is small, the price is high, can choose the few, and later had to change into PHP, with the a year later found, with the advantage of PHP was so much, among other things, the quantity and quality of available program is much more than ASP, so to heart the introduction ASP and PHP, no matter who is good or bad, from the reality, put ASP in the trash.

second, payment issues. I do not have a credit card, and the purchase of foreign basic credit card to pay for this problem for a long time. Know more, in fact, the solution is still a lot of. When the host asked the U.S. detective desert wolf moderator, he recommended me a can use RMB payment America host Lunarpages. At that time, many people do not know the host, then after the United States host detective recommended, many people have chosen this house, which is a very important reason is that you can use the RMB payment, although more expensive than credit card payment, but for those of us not the card really solve a big problem. Later learned that, like HostMonster, a lot of PayPal can be used to pay the host can be exchanged in them, and then buy their own, or even directly to them to buy, low fees, very convenient. Later, I bought a GoDaddy virtual host, that is, they bought the GoDaddy gift and then buy their own card.

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