Traffic is not representative of successful business model of WeChat as the ice on edge

to enter the mobile Internet on the road, the Tencent WeChat one step ahead, many people think that the Tencent, with its strong user base, it is possible to get success in the mobile Internet business on the road, but to the end of 2013 at the beginning of the year, WeChat did not like the legend that way instead, many news will stride forward singing militant songs. From the Tencent external competitors and WeChat and QQ internal struggle, it can not be said, the Tencent in the mobile Internet business on the road, is careful layout, die pat mall, back before Baidu "have ah" mall failed, who want to rely on a strong flow of success in the the road to the electricity supplier, and the ultimate failure of the lessons that the flow can not be representative of the electricity supplier


talked about "yes", many people will think of Baidu have given to have high hopes, a lot of people think "yes" mall with Baidu’s strong gene flow, can be in the "C2C" field and Taobao showdown, in fact, Ali group is also aware of the pressure from Baidu, so rapid response, and YAHOO cooperation, enhance the baby search function in the Taobao internal and external, directly blocked Baidu search engine, the establishment of ecological circle, his final victory, Taobao


in a business meeting, Ma and Ma Huateng sit together, Ma Huateng to show the powerful function of mobile phone Ma, this group of "two" intimate photos, the passage of time, the "two" began to catch on the athletic field on the road for the electricity supplier of the mobile client, WeChat has a strong user base, once Taobao, Ali now upgrade Tmall business platform, also adopt various coping strategies: ban WeChat, on-line exchange, financing in charge of micro-blog! And Alibaba Group on the blocking WeChat as a matter of vital importance of war! Although WeChat media sing a year, now still not big move, WeChat’s low-key, is the reflection of the conservative a Tencent


Tencent had "pat" mall frustration experience, so, for the mobile Internet business, which belongs to the "two business", as the saying goes, there is no time after time, then again two, the mobile Internet is a blue ocean electricity supplier last, if wrong, then think of a Tencent, we want to start again, difficult. See, the Tencent for the mobile terminal, not all the betting on WeChat, the acquisition of Yi Xun Xun platform into a "supermarket" model will be easy, "supermarket" model compared to the electricity supplier, Tmall mall powerful clothing, electronic products, cosmetics, "supermarket" areas do not particularly prominent, Yi Xun quietly layout a field is a bold attempt to explore the mode of O2O, in addition, the Tencent has reached a cooperation and domestic fastest express "SF", the future of Internet Electricity providers compete for the network to occupy a very important position.

here can not talk about the Jingdong store, the Jingdong did not flow based Baidu’s strong, there is no strong user base of Tencent chat tool, and in Tmall eyes quietly rise, some people say that logistics is to seize the successful model of Jingdong, just hit the Tmall mall mishap, Ali.

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