Excellent purchase network BELLE electricity supplier new Bureau

in the supply, capital and talent, such as the first mover advantage, looking for a foothold in the continuous innovation, is the biggest challenge to buy the best network.

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has more than 10 thousand online stores under the shoe king BELLE, the same channel for the king and multi brand business ideas, so that online sales growth.

July 15, 2011, by BELLE’s investment in the footwear platform B2C excellent online shopping line, less than 1 years, excellent shopping network is currently more than 7000 per day, is expected to nearly $600 million in sales this year. At the same time, BELLE on Tmall’s 5 official flagship store has also been shown in 2012 is expected to reach the goal of BELLE’s entire network sales of $800 million.

in the face of traditional enterprise business increasingly fierce tide, this is BELLE electronic commerce after nearly a year of low-key adjustment, a new strategy to face the overall situation of the. Popular in the industry, as well as excellent shopping network team: former BELLE CEO assistant for many years, responsible for new business Zhang Xuejun featuring excellent shopping network CEO, former vice president Xu Lei and vice president of the Jingdong store VANCL Zhang Xiaojun to join the excellent shopping network management team, respectively, as the excellent shopping network CMO and COO.

vertical field in the footwear of electronic commerce, with a high-quality supply, financial support and talent team, can quickly attack striking? How to find a better innovation to maintain sustained competitiveness? BELLE e-commerce is to accept such a test.

strategic layout

e-commerce field staking, to a certain extent, determines the speed and height of future development.

in 2008, BELLE found that electronic commerce is the traditional path enterprises must go through, then to sell BELLE independent brands "Amoy network show" reached the electricity supplier army, while Taobao’s official flagship store, and Taobao and the B2C platform in the distribution system of auxiliary. But after a few years in the electricity supplier industry, BELLE’s net strategy has also intensified and reforming.

BELLE group’s new e-commerce strategy can be divided into two parts.

is the first independent B2C. In order to accommodate more of BELLE products, including its own brand and agent brand, BELLE Group invested $200 million to set up a footwear B2C platform, excellent shopping network, the current amount of $100 million into the account. Excellent purchase network is a wholly owned subsidiary of BELLE, the future does not rule out the introduction of external capital – CMO Xu Lei stressed that the capital will be here to help the company’s strategic investors, rather than just financial investment. For example, can bring huge flow of investors, or the supply chain upstream and downstream.

second is Tmall. BELLE has a total of 5 core flagship store in Tmall, take 4+1 mode of operation. "4" refers to the sales of women’s shoes, men’s shoes, respectively, sports shoes and other different shops, "1" refers to March this year just.

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