Taobao Daren upgrade background need to earn the ability to earn a grade

news August 25th, billion state power network that Taobao Master itself in order to meet the operational requirements, Ali was upgraded to Taobao Master background, including Master layers, channels and other aspects of the update, fans channel.

it is reported that the new version of Taobao’s upgrade content mainly includes the following aspects:

(1) professional degree, quality and performance of the Master data platform for data assessment, will be divided into ordinary Master Master, creation Master, big coffee and reds four grades, and give the rights and interests of different tools and resources according to their ability, development direction and performance data;

(2) to increase the subscription number function, the account can be driven to the content of the fans, the formation of the fans to visit the return of the barrier; while increasing the fan portrait, to achieve the visualization of the fan attributes;

(3) allows people to apply for the opening of the channel, after obtaining different configuration tools based on the requirements of the release;

(4) to strengthen the content of the data and the fan data analysis, including the content of the performance and turnover in various channels.

billion state power network learned Master new platform will gradually open at the end of August, the first open list will inform the corresponding Master through the system notification.

data show that Taobao is a group of people who are active in the content of Taobao recommended. In July this year, Taobao’s content shopping guide platform pick up goods expert "into the" Taobao Master platform ", since then, Taobao Master platform in Master quantity, content quality have higher requirements, the category is more refined, so there are different areas of expertise Master play strengths, making high-quality content.

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