The Divine Comedy behind Jiangnan leather factory in the end how to live

Zhejiang, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, the largest leather factory Jiangnan leather factory closed down on the……"

is a divine comedy "Jiangnan leather factory closed down" mentioned in the lyrics and spread the red yellow red burst network, the cumulative forwarding number exceeded one million in micro-blog, WeChat. The lyrics of many statements is not confirmed, the Divine Comedy author Liu Dian February 24th at the Sina micro-blog (micro-blog Name: why girls wear short skirts) said in a statement published on the personal video has been removed, and the influence of the Wenzhou to be a series of leather factory apology. However, I horse find business information, run away the boss Huang Jiangnan leather factory is a real person, does exist, the company in February 2013 revoked business license.

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according to available information statistics, I dark horse survey found that Jiangnan leather factory is only a microcosm of the bankruptcy of Wenzhou. Only in 2011, there are hundreds of Companies in Wenzhou, the boss disappeared, the company bankruptcy, employee pay event. While in Wenzhou in recent years, the bankruptcy of enterprises, a "shoe king" Wang Yuejin with thousands of "Wenzhou eight king" run away, one of the 6 companies Zheng Yuanzhong juder Group bankruptcy news again and will push Wenzhou in the teeth of the storm.

as Chinese shoe, Wenzhou peak of nearly 27 of its own shoe brand in the national market, only those brands downstream involved as many as thousands of factories. In foreign markets, as the representative of the Wenzhou footwear industry in eastern Russia once occupied 80% market share.

but this scene has become the past. Since 2004, with the increasing market competition, the global financial crisis, rising labor costs and other reasons, Wenzhou manufacturing enterprises closed, foot, transformation, etc..

"Wenzhou shoe’s own brand has been in 04 years after the reduction, the financial crisis in 2008 has accelerated the elimination rate, and now the Wenzhou market is really the circulation of the brand should have no more than 6." Wenzhou Zhongwei Shoes Co., Ltd. founder Pan Xingjian I dark horse said.

but this is just a microcosm of China’s manufacturing industry in winter. In the increasingly shrinking demand, rising costs today, a large number of manufacturing owners in the industrial transformation and upgrading of the furnace was eliminated or selective evacuation.


manufacturing enterprises, especially industrial products manufacturing enterprises to change the development of ideas, to reshape the industry chain, Wenzhou shoe leather and other light industrial products can tap more added value in the industrial chain." Jiang Fangze, deputy director of the Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said in an interview with I dark horse.


a workshop in Zhejiang, Wenzhou, workers are producing leather shoes /CFP for figure

era of the wilderness: pain and happiness

"Chinese shoe" is located in Lucheng District of Wenzhou City Shuangyu village a small industrial park, thousands of shoe factories and shops in the.

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