The story of the domain name kuxun

At the end of 2005, I prepared the train ticket search has gradually formed, will be put on the Internet to provide services. But what exactly is the new site called? In order to get the name and register to a good domain name, I tried countless possible good domain name. Some people say that our search engine has a little taste of Google Alert, called Web Alert bar. Some people say that is the search engine, search engine will have the feeling, not too straightforward to cool. We identified a new site called "cool", "cool" and "message", also on behalf of the "fast" "message", this is a cool, new term search engines have the feeling. In determining the name, I began to apply, the results showed that has been registered, by focusing on the.Com domain name, after which tried a lot of words, finally found is not registered, I quickly registered down. This is December 13, 2005, from Beijing officially launched less than 1 months. this new domain name is also very unique, there are a lot of O, it was said that with Google, Yahoo similar, O more cattle. And kooxoo OO is symmetrical, are 2, or a good record. Kuxun investors joked later, after cruel dispatch to Nasdaq market, our stock code using KOXO, good.

but there is always a gap between the ideal and reality, although the concept of is good, but it really makes it difficult for users to remember. Foreigners do not know how to read Kooxoo, read into Ku Xiu? Read into the Ku so English is certainly difficult to spell out the word, read it like a japanese. Chinese people remember this domain name is also very problematic, early in each speech at the end of the time, some people ask, what a few O ah, looking at dizziness. The negative effects of problem domain on the promotion of the great, perhaps because not remember kuxun domain name, lost a lot of potential users kuxun. is not good enough, of course, the best So cool company began immediately, we tried to buy domain name. does not provide online services, domain names are not linked to all the way to contact the domain name, the domain name of all companies do not exist. But after months of searching, we finally linked to the contact, the cruel dispatch has the reputation in outside, prices have been too high to be reached. Because the other side is very optimistic about the future of kuxun even more than we believe, will be listed in the negotiations kuxun, domain name prices get high, eventually the other out of the high price of $800 thousand. This domain name has been so high, and the other party is basically unable to communicate, we decided to give up, ready to select other domain names.

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