Amoy network to respond to search was screened open and cooperation will not be achieved overnight


a Amoy network micro-blog response


technology news October 28th morning news, according to Jingdong, mall, including part such as B2C sites have shielded the Alibaba’s comparison shopping search Amoy network event, Amoy network issued a statement on micro-blog said, any new things are not easy development, openness and cooperation will not happen overnight, a cat will continue to to help consumers within the whole network convenient, smart shopping comparison.

recently, Jingdong, mall and have joined the shield out web search battle group, general manager of Li Bin in the Sina Technology connection said the company actively shielded Amoy network search is because that a scouring of the search result is not in a fair line to consider, without distinguishing the smuggled goods industry, customer service other factors.

mall and Jingdong chairman of the board and CEO Liu Qiangdong is not named the shelling in micro-blog: "a website without we allow direct capture all of our products, these products evaluation is Jingdong spent billions of dollars worth of points to encourage users to write out, how do you also want to say hello? It is difficult to believe that this is an advocate of" all new commercial civilization, integrity "for the company, what is the difference between this and a


however, a boycott of the Amoy network in the business at the same time, also took the opportunity to carry out a business and Amoy cooperation, Gome’s electronic commerce website yesterday officially announced the United States online store shopping search Amoy network access "an account" system, in addition to the Amazon Chinese yesterday publicly recently won’t shield out web search. (Xiao Wen)

a scouring network statement reads as follows:

any new development of things will not open and cooperation Everything is going smoothly., will not happen overnight, as a Amoy shopping search, e-commerce industry environment, businesses and consumers can help, a cat will continue to focus on helping consumers within the whole network is convenient, smart comparison shopping, make goods more transparent, more quality and security, let the consumer get more affordable, but also allows businesses to get more consumers.

we notice that with the rapid development of the industry concerns of Amoy, Amoy, Amoy cooperation and we will conduct business data integration more depth, together to help consumers get commodity information, services, security, logistics, price, payment and other comprehensive comparison shopping service.

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