Excellent network to delete the wrong value of the hard disk order Send a letter of apology to users

25, this edition reported joyo.com 320GB mobile hard disk was sold at 118 yuan ultra low cost, causing users to panic buying goods. Then the matter has made new progress, there are users to reporters reflect, many have been recognized by the excellent network will be shipped orders have been deleted yesterday afternoon, the account has been returned to the account of the electronic account. Excellent network in the letter to the customer said the letter of the mobile hard disk, the price is wrong, according to its price policy, the order was canceled. This triggered a massive questioning users.

orders are excellent unilaterally removed

the day before yesterday, the reporter had learned that some of the orders of the user has been excellent confirmation, will be shipped in 1 months. There may be friends at 15 yesterday afternoon, Xu told reporters reflect, he ordered the evening of 23 in the absence of notification was deleted.

reporter learned that more and more users have been deleted orders, many of which have been notified before the order will be shipped after a month. The reporter also received excellent customer service sent to friends of the letter of apology letter of apology in the screenshot, called the mobile hard disk price error, and that "millions of goods Amazon, it will inevitably appear this kind of problem". According to the excellent price policy, "if the price of the goods is higher than the wrong price, we have to cancel your order and inform you of the wrong price. Your order has been cancelled".

In addition, there are a large number of users have been canceled orders have not received an apology letter

. Some netizens expressed dissatisfaction: "3 pm foreign orders, more than 4 points to a letter of apology, we should not react strongly, is not even a letter of apology,


users worried that it will become a bad precedent

for the excellent network unilaterally delete orders, hundreds of users in the Q group said to be superior network to discuss a statement in order to safeguard their rights and interests. Buy lawyer lawsuit, complaints sound one after another, there are users who have even a quick action to draw up a civil complaint posted on the internet. At the same time in 315 consumer complaints online, complaints about the matter is overwhelming.

netizens questioned mainly reflected in two aspects. First, the network did not get the consent of the consent of the user, unilaterally canceled the order has been confirmed, so many users worry that this will become a bad example of shopping website. Net friend 33 pairs of scorpion fish, said that if the future of online shopping is like his home, then the online shopping family miserable, there are a number of two, I think there will be a total of three".

reporter to call the excellent network, the number of employees for the T968 staff in addition to the site’s price policy as a response, but also said that excellence will not cancel the order to compensate customers. If you are not satisfied with the matter, the customer can solve it by legal means.

Another question is that

users, because many of the mobile hard disk has been successful payment orders, but only to the money back to the user’s account

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