Taobao 38 quarter push scan code shopping straight to the brand store left alone

after three days, I’m afraid the entity retailers can feel the Alibaba in the last year "double 12" period in the end what sequela left a sugar coated bullet. Alibaba’s code Amoy yesterday said it would launch in March 8th a large effort to sweep yards shopping. This means that consumers stand in the supermarket to scan the bar code on the goods, you can see how much of the goods sold in Taobao shop, need a few days to serve. Business analysis from North Institute show that from the beginning of the tool to the present, the electricity supplier for the store’s business started in tibet.

push bar code to buy

March 8th is the annual mobile phone Taobao "Changxin" opportunity. In the last year to play a mobile phone Taobao life festival, the day of March 8th of this year, Alibaba has launched a code of life festival, many lives just need to participate in the activities of goods. According to reports, Taobao mobile phone users to open the home page, in the upper left corner of the sweep function alignment barcode, once the scan code is likely to succeed the absolute price to buy the goods and enjoy the door-to-door service.

code Amoy team leader Zhang Kuo said that Alibaba has built the world’s largest bar code library, with hundreds of millions of commodity bar code. Each bar code is corresponding to a commodity, so the future will become the online shopping scan code shopping, offline third kinds of consumer scenarios outside the supermarket.

around the bar code, there are many Alibaba such as Alibaba have action, and many mobile phone manufacturers to achieve cooperation, will announce a project will access mobile phone camera barcode library before and after April, the future users do not need to open the Taobao mobile phone, only need to open the mobile phone camera can complete barcode scanning. In addition, Zhang Kuo said, Ali has reached a cooperation with a mainstream brand refrigerator, the production of smart refrigerator support bar code scanning, the future of the refrigerator shelf life can provide reminders, health and nutrition management and even complex functions such as commodity purchase. The refrigerator will also be available during the year.



but it is worth noting that the bar code scan shopping needs to satisfy a condition that have a real ", so in addition to the existing home goods repeat purchase, another scan code is also very typical scene, is the consumer in physical stores in parity scan code, purchased through the network channels.

to Business Research Institute analysis, scan code and commodity price information for shopping to achieve transparency, let the network channel price advantage to be fully reflected, this is a bad news for entity retailers.

According to Alibaba

‘s explanation, the activities of the partners for brands, this year’s "38" during the festival and not with super depth cooperation, most of the goods will be through Taobao, Tmall supermarket sales. But the future of the Alibaba will open the barcode library to physical retailers, rich business data, enhance the ability to manage members. Now, Alibaba is still in the habit of training users scan code. "Talking about an extreme scenario, the future is likely to be in the supermarket

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