Founder Tang Dafeng said Taobao started from the Chinese Liebo will become Zara

in this report, we want to explore is not aesthetic, but as a means of production of fast fashion. This report begins with such a question: to China market, manufacturing capacity, with the rapid growth of consumer demand, to design and brand, so in China born like Zara, H& more likely to M such a fast fashion brand with


simple point, who will become the next Zara?

we all know that Chinese consumers have been very active on the Internet, just like a city’s most important commercial street, there will always be a number of high sales, but also on behalf of the trend of the brand. When Taobao or Tmall has become the most important place of consumption, which is the probability of the birth of a large number of brands, the next Zara will be produced here?

you may never have the electricity supplier from the angle of speculation over the next Zara this problem, but if the selection of several criteria: the growth rate of sales, brand influence and future growth, in fact, can enter our field of vision without exception from the network.

grew up in early 2015, Tmall’s "Liebo" will be announced before the end of 2016 to complete the listing and based on it together with the brand "Yin" and "starry". The establishment of 9 years of Liebo annual sales growth reached 200%, 2014, Liebo sales of more than 1 billion yuan, of which the mobile Internet with the proportion of sales reached 54% port. The company completed more than 10 thousand draft design, the production of clothing for 5 million 30 thousand, the number of customer service reception of up to 3 million 300 thousand people. So far, Liebo has become a group, which includes 7 sub brands, employees reached 800 people.

even so, there are still very few people with this distinctive national wind characteristics of the brand and the next Zara linked together. In this judgment, Zara represents a kind of aesthetic style, Liebo and too narrow public, although the number of consumers is also a lot of it.

in this report, we want to explore is not aesthetic, but as a means of production of fast fashion. Liebo year new varieties reached 8000 – 9000, it has a fast response, all the new cycle is 15 days, the rate has been close to Zara’s "15 day myth".

It is important for the retail industry

Zara summary of the successful experience in the process of innovation is its ability (Zara had a rare received "New York Times" interview, the article "how Zara soaring to become the world’s largest fashion retailer" in detail this ability). Product has never been a strong point of Zara, otherwise it will not always be criticized as plagiarism". The core of this company is quick response: response to the customer’s processes, the rapid operation of the design team, as well as fast shipping >