Taobao novice sellers must learn to change the chaos and calm

first, in Taobao swim

in the south of the University, I want to learn not only the professional class, but also swimming. Perhaps much of the East China Sea Dragon King off, rain is south of the products, there is no rain south that is not enough to attract people, the rainy season, holding an umbrella and his beloved hand in hand through the high streets and back lanes is the happiest thing, but in the event of rain? For the next two or three days, the kind of attractive the charm has become in the most people in the north south of the troubles, so we must learn to swim. But the northerners have almost no contact with water, the first drill into the water in the moment that the whole world does not exist, the pressure of the pressure of the gas, water and let you stand. What can we do? So the novice to learn how to swim to drink, then someone asked, drink water also learn? Open your mouth is not on the line, in fact not so, you have to learn at the bottom of the appropriate water, you must have been drinking, which do you think is more effective? Novice shop is the same as learning swimming.

two, learn appropriate loss

we may see this title is not understood, I drive a Taobao shop to make money, this is a not earn you say to lose money, this is not do well, you don’t worry, let me speak slowly, first of all I say is "appropriate" to lose money, if a single lost dozens of pieces of hundreds of pieces that I wouldn’t do it, it can fool. If you want the ring, there are buyers to ask you "the shopkeeper Hello, does this baby can package mail?", while you shop baby Nobody bought under the basic price is the lowest, shipping is not to make money or pay a few bucks, then how do you sell it or not.? if I were you I would sell, why? First, you promised to condition the customer will think you are a very kind person, easy to get along with, the first impression will be very good. Secondly, if the quality of your own baby have enough confidence, pay a few bucks to earn praise is also cost-effective, there might be a repeat, do business which is not money, but have to learn how to lose money, but they have no harvest. It is like swimming, drinking water and you learn to swim, that is, why not drink it?.

three, learn to identify the customer

the customer is to buy things in their shops, then one would think that I tell TA what, Ta buy I sell, pay the turnover of more simple things I have to distinguish TA doing enough? I don’t think so, may we all know, there is a buyer name bad teacher". Novice may be the most likely to encounter, as the name suggests, the bad name to buy your things and then give you a bad review, poor evaluation for a just started shop can be said to be a fatal blow. How can we recognize them? Look at the background of the first customer customer information in time for you to communicate to others, how much is the favorable rate, 100% of the best, but certainly some people did receive inferior things to.