Business tax and retail market re transmission of electricity supplier after the fight the lack of b

the current electricity supplier industry spread than the shop to raise a Babel of criticism of a 5% consumption tax, consumption tax is based on the principle of consumers, which means that the difference between the electronic business platform product price advantage will be further reduced and the retailer, which is obviously have a negative impact on the electricity supplier sellers on the platform. Many experts said when opening a new tax, the state’s administrative efficiency of an unprecedented increase from March, Suning Zhang Jindong’s proposal to now less than three months, the electricity supplier tax steps seem to be coming soon, than the oil price faster.

Fast track

business taxes will undoubtedly result when

Suning as the now large offline store, has felt the pressure from the electricity supplier, although he is also engaged in the electricity supplier, but limited to business ideas, the development of the electricity supplier has always belonged to the half-dead state, so Suning Jindong in the NPC and CPPCC dished out tax levy during the business proposal, caused by the introduction of a huge response, as a business leader Taobao for the first time to stand up raised objections, that at this stage of business tax levy too early, which is not conducive to the development is still in its infancy in the electricity industry.

, however, from the line under the store members naturally agree with the view that the current foreign research in the electricity supplier tax, which can promote fair competition in the market. But I understand that the current foreign electricity supplier tax has the same game entity company Internet Co and the line, as the current relatively mature overseas market, the electricity supplier tax levy difficulty is still large, and discuss the time for more than a year in this regard, China’s electricity supplier tax as if the rumors, so in China certainly the best global administrative efficiency.

small business exemptions become competitive focus

for levying taxes affect business for big businesses and small, because through the sales rebate way to offset part of the consumption tax, but have no small influence for small sellers. Therefore the focus of Internet companies and entities under the line around the small and medium-sized enterprises exemption rate, Equity Act from the United States that small and medium-sized enterprises enjoy tax exemption right is the annual sales of $1 million, but this was denied many Internet companies, that $30 million sales as tax-free watershed.

then the Chinese electricity supplier tax will reference the foreign model, if the annual sales in 1 million dollars is nearly 7 million yuan the following small sellers can enjoy the government’s immunity, so the business tax bill for China’s small and medium-sized shop impact will not be great, because the current Taobao annual sales reached 7 million the seller is not much, of course, as Taobao and other electronic business platform, for $30 million or 200 million of sales, is relatively fair, because with the development of the electricity supplier industry scale, the future in the electronic business platform to sell more than hundreds of millions of small sellers will be more and more.