cn domain name registration number Q3 of the explosion of 76% into the world’s second largest top l

Beijing on December 7th news, according to the Internetnews website, the domain name registration service provider VeriSign company found that ".Cn" the number of domain names in the year to the third quarter year-on-year growth rate reached 76%, has surpassed Germany’s domain name".De ", to become the world’s second largest top-level domain. The company has released a report in June this year, the number of domain name ".Cn" was more than ".Net", after the ".Com" and ".De" is among the world’s third largest domain name, just over half a year, the number of domain names ".Cn" and a big leap.

VeriSign believes that despite the 76% growth rate is amazing, but for China, the growth rate is still somewhat slow. For example, last year, VeriSign has reported that the number of registered.Cn increased by 467% over the same period in 2006. Although the VeriSign data show that the domain name ".De" and ".Uk" domain name in the third quarter growth rate was as high as 8% and 14%, but the ".Cn" in such a natural rate of growth, will soon exceed the ".Uk" and ".De".

VeriSign’s data also show that in the third quarter of this year, the total number of top-level domain registration was 174 million, an increase of 19%. Country code top-level domain (County Code Top Domain Names (ccTLDs)) in the third quarter, an increase of more than an increase of 26%, the number of up to 68 million 900 thousand. At the same time,.Com and.Net top-level domain registration number was 89 million 400 thousand, an increase of 16%. According to VeriSign statistics, the third quarter of the top ten Internet top-level domain names were: ".Com", ".Cn", ".De", ".Net", ".Org", ".Uk", "info", ".Nl" (Holland country domain name), ".Eu" and ".Biz (the domain name)".

".Org", ".Com" and ".Net" are the first three generic top-level domains (gTLDs, generica top level), in 2008 there has been a substantial growth. VeriSign data show that its growth rate and other top-level domain to maintain the same. But VeriSign refused to.Org and other domain names to make further comments, because the domain name has not belong to VeriSign management. In 2003, VeriSign has the right to.Org domain name transfer to the non-profit organization PIR (the Public Interest Registry).

PIR chief operating officer Alexa Raad told reporter, >