Come here The pig CMS double 11 Carnival money


for the support of the old customers, but also to thank the attention of new friends, since November 9th, the pig CMS double 11 discount how much, you say, the activities of the incoming surge!

three concessions, a "benefit" in the end!


cashier system first, huge benefits come


mobile terminal coupons crazy grab, do not stop the rhythm of 11


activity time: November 9th to

long by two-dimensional code into the active page:

activity on

pig CMS double 11 second discount – "how much discount, you say" has been opened!

mobile phone coupons mad rush! Experience the pleasure of the money number, grab is earned.

participation in

1, click on the two-dimensional code below to participate in activities


2, within a specified period of time, the rapid sliding coupons. The more the number of sliding, more preferential grab (Figure)



3, participants can invite friends and family to help you grab concessions. Each assists teammates have 1 chances. The benefits will accrue to the participating players

warm tip:

1, double 11 during all discounts only before December 1, 2015, overdue as a waiver of


2, double 11 "how many concessions, you say" in the game are favorable range in the actual transaction price shall prevail, the cash voucher for pig products (except for plug-in and hardware products);

3, double 11 "how many concessions, you say" game in the spirit of fairness and justice, everyone involved, every family has a prize for philosophy, so please fair competition prohibited brush votes, once found the use of high-tech sight to cancel the qualification in confusion.

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