Fresh electricity supplier also rely on spell father

despite the ambition of everyone, but not every enterprise can eat fresh piece of cake. On the Beijing market, Tootoo, Jingdong, shop No. 1, I bought a net has been involved in fresh and have the scale of the electricity supplier is worthy of the name "two rich generation" or "handsome", in fact, because of the supply chain and logistics and other long-term high cost problem, fresh electricity supplier being the minority game.

rich two generation exclusive game

to the orange season, the first screen last year was a fiery "Chu orange" sitting on a number of fresh electricity supplier. The same Chu orange, have been living in the pre-sale price of 128 yuan, and I bought the food web in the "buy me" channel only 98 yuan. Beijing Daily reporter inquiries found that I bought the network is only a discount Chu orange business, as a typical "two rich generation", and I bought 23% off cheap grab market courage and not everyone can imitate. At present, the electricity supplier in Beijing fresh market on the accumulation of Tootoo, shop No. 1, Jingdong, was living, I bought the network, such as the size of the SF preferred electricity supplier, each one behind each power that can not be ignored.

Tootoo of the parent company of listed companies (2.63, 0, 0%, 9) group. 9 who is doing? B2C, 13 Chinese 10000 NINETOWNS import and export enterprises to provide B2G (business to government) the quality of import and export customs clearance software and related services, showing its wide resources. Tootoo CEO Du 9 revealed that the group five years to Tootoo invested about 70 million yuan, while also providing IT construction resources. Behind the shop No. 1 is the global retail giant WAL-MART (78.16, 0.74,0.96%), the global executives in the end of the month earlier this month to visit China and inspected the shop No. 1. 1 shop has said, with our fresh suppliers are serving the world’s largest business super excellent business". Pride shows between the lines. I bought COFCO is an important layout in the field of electronic commerce, SF express also provides all unattainable advantages for logistics SF preferred.

Du said, now can do brand and scale with the fresh electricity does have certain advantages, but in the scale of electricity providers, with Taobao and Tmall as a platform for some small fresh in his money". But in the Du view, although the latter operation is good, even the most profitable, but because of limited capacity, the scale is difficult to expand, in the long run, with all kinds of resources of "high rich handsome" and "two rich generation" will be the leading fresh electricity supplier.

spell dad changed pit father

Although there are more inclined to survive

resources, but not all spell dad fresh electricity providers have survived, and even spend money such as running water is still nothing, from the fight father into a pit father". For example, have the advantage of the supply chain in the traditional supermarket fresh when most involved in the online also crashed out and back, the lack of success. As to make the world with fresh retail enterprises, Yonghui >