Run O2O distribution system the most powerful short distance logistics distribution software

city logistics and distribution as the rise of the rise of the electricity supplier industry, and vigorously promote the rapid development of society, to bring great convenience to people’s lives. The entire industry, although there are many giants, big coffee, but the operation mode and the types of services will inevitably be some convergence to a certain period of time has also begun stagnation.

now, someone you have always been talking about hummingbirds, dada, what would you expect? The first reaction is absolutely deiivery. But O2O city distribution, really just take delivery of such a single?. Entrepreneurial team wants to do a city distribution logistics business, how to choose the management partner?


in the distribution management system on the market, short of city distribution management system, I just run O2O service delivery system, similar to a taxi drops to grab a single distribution software, is a very pure distribution management system, is not only suitable for takeaway food, supplier delivery, running leg agent, there are more O2O service life scene as entrepreneurs, imagine.

here Xiaobian give you a few examples of a small laoke.

1 takeaway delivery

do takeaway delivery business too much, run by what dares to stand up to carve up the market, run because those who dare to put the rhetoric that we can better in the delivery speed and operation management. The runner can create numerous delivery pools, each of which can be associated with different merchants and distributors. The distribution is not limited, businesses can choose to "delivery to the designated pool within the billing and delivery of two billing billing mode, delivery orders timely delivery free APP ring.


2 errands agent

is now an increasingly fast pace of life, there are a lot of people need to help run errands business. Such as express collect, pay utility bills, and other temporary emergency but also busy to get away to handle things. At this time, want to do a short distance errands business entrepreneurs can use their own distribution system to help run business operations management, whether the campus entrepreneurs want to do business school running errands or returning entrepreneurs to do the small city of city distribution business or run people all can meet.

3 supermarket convenience store O2O

city distribution business, supermarkets and convenience stores is the largest flow mouth, because supermarkets and convenience stores are in the service of people’s daily lives. Every day after the hard work, in addition to spend time to go to the supermarket or convenience store, but also a large package to carry home, although this is the normal life of many office workers, but this is really a waste of time and trouble. So business entrepreneurs can run errands, communication and cooperation in these supermarkets and convenience stores, the run O2O distribution system, taking this kind of life service delivery business.