Honey bud to open the next 200 line park this move did you understand it

to the end of the year, most of the industry Unicorn entrepreneurs will be very busy, all kinds of forums and summits have to face and speech. The electricity supplier maternal Unicorn honey bud CEO Liu Nan said, the next will be in two public activities, like honey bud attitude — Qianxiu strength this year.

36Kr WISE last week in the unicorn conference, Liu Nan talked about the future direction of honey bud, Liu Nan does not think that Chinese also needs a new large and complete business, from the depth, up and down related maternal medical and education related, left is experiential retail right is family service, only honey bud to go through this chain can give consumers consistent service experience. Liu Nan also said that the current line of honey bud has been extended from Beijing to experience the store to the country, and has achieved a comprehensive profit, plans to open in the next two years in the country under the 200 line honey bud park.


(honey bud paradise Wenzhou branch)

news, led the industry discussion between maternal electricity supplier and the line to get through the barrier property of recreation? Indoor children’s playground is a second tier city brand has covered a relatively complete, honey bud and


in the view of Liu Nan, to the unicorn after maternal electricity providers have two way to go, left is the expansion of a category expansion from the mother to the whole category, into an integrated electricity supplier, the right is the mother of this category ", from the top down to go into a pregnant baby company. From the existing electricity supplier market, integrated business of large and have done very well, so whether they want to expand honey bud walk? Liu Nan thinks a vertical electricity supplier in the field must have its unique value, but more importantly, the baby in this industry, how to put the baby the industry using the Internet to transform, to transform it into a super high, super good experience, let consumers are very happy to meet the industry. So honey bud choose to go right to do depth, and the first force is the next line of paradise, which is mentioned in the opening of the mother and child in the spatial dimension of the extension of parent-child services.

honey bud and indoor children’s playground, is a strategic investment in February 2016 parent-child family entertainment brands swimming hall, the layout of the line of ecological. Swimming hall was established in 2010, currently in the country has nearly 200 stores, is currently the largest indoor amusement park brand. Mother of the crowd is the line of natural populations, the weekend to bring the child out, Liu Nan is talking about the investment sources, and swimming hall CEO Chen Xiaofan with their own children to talk about in the park.

But since the

injection, honey bud did not rush in the swimming hall for further integration, but more thorough analysis of the current situation of the industry. Experience form format to bring the consumption upgrade, children’s huge crowd brought to the mall, is honey bud selection children’s Park grounds, but the slow update speed and the user experience is still uneven in quality in the choice of many parents scratching problems.

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