Good pharmacist net separation supremacy Jingdong Jointown the abacus

author Chen Hongxia

on-line just over a year, Jingdong good pharmacist network (referred to as good pharmacist network) investors have begun to be separated. So far, the two sides did not officially acknowledge this message, but all indications, the Jingdong has started a solo career.

May 28th, Jointown vice president Liu Zhaonian told reporters that at present, Jointown cooperation with Jingdong still, business has not been affected, the two sides will still hold to the consensus of the pharmaceutical business electricity supplier. According to rumors, it also admitted that the current Jingdong has not yet withdrawn shares, is still a good pharmacist to shareholders, but will not withdraw, it is hard to say.

however, the BOE in the face of the media to disclose the information is, the Jingdong and the Jointown has "break up", is expected to contract will soon be revoked.

reporter learned from a person familiar with the situation, the former CEO Cui Wei has left a good pharmacist network, back to the Jingdong, and a good pharmacist related online work has been sent by Kyushu executives Li Caifen took over.

before and after the breakdown of marriage

cross-border cooperation began in 2011, the operation of less than 2 years. At that time, the Jingdong to Kyushu Beijing subsidiary capital of good pharmacist dispensary, good pharmacist net holdings of 49%, while the Jointown master controlling stake, accounted for 51%.

Kyushu 2012 annual report shows that during the period, good pharmacy B2C online business growth, the annual sales income of 76 million 389 thousand and 400 yuan, the average monthly sales growth of about 20%.

last year, the performance of good pharmacists network is still a loss, but this year has begun to make money." Liu Zhaonian pointed out that this year the growth rate remained unchanged for more than 20% months.

calculated according to this, if not an accident, this year’s revenue is expected to reach a good pharmacist network 240 million yuan -3 billion.

"this return cycle is a bit unexpected." A field of electronic business analysts pointed out that last year, the field of medicine electricity supplier’s gross margin of not more than 20%, and a lot of website operation for many years, has not been really profitable, indicating that the two sides can still achieve win-win cooperation.

now part company each going his own way of investors, is likely to break the optimistic earnings results.

at the end of last year, the industry began to spread rumors." The insider pointed out that executives, a good pharmacist network of the original equipment, in addition to Cui Wei, other executives are basically Jointown people, although the company in accordance with the management and corporate governance structure and the normal operation of the company, but in fact, the controlling shareholder of Kyushu position is still outstanding.

and in the specific operation of the process, Kyushu also need to pay the cost of Jingdong and other aspects of the introduction of import. The two sides have not really merged." The insider pointed out that one is the electricity business chiefs, and the other is the pharmaceutical industry, the difficulty of the integration itself is a little big