Analysis on development strategy of tourism e commerce website

golden Wangzhuan feel involves the disciplines of computer, information, network, business and tourism in the tourism e-commerce development in China, it needs to have the comprehensive knowledge of talents to develop business. At present, there are few information management professionals in the tourism industry in china. And e-commerce professional students, it is difficult to have a system of tourism management knowledge system. The lack of talents has become a key factor restricting the development of electronic commerce in domestic tourism, for tourism development of the golden Wangzhuan electronic commerce station that mainly do the following aspects:

first, establish a comprehensive national data of tourism management system by the National Tourism Bureau tourism comprehensive data organization construction management system is the core part of the national tourism information project, is the basis for the upper application system, but also the core business processing system. The construction of tourism comprehensive data system will fully meet the daily data needs of government network, Chinese national tourism network, industry management system and tourism hotline, and provide data and a strong guarantee for the database function. At present, demand for the basic research and data are integrated tourism database, intends to integrate and optimize the government network, Chinese national tourism network, network management, tourism industry and tourism hotline 968118 screen electronic information database, as the construction of tourism based integrated data base, builds a dynamic database system, unified, standard the content of real-time, process specifications, so as to achieve the purpose of sharing of tourism information resources.

The existing e-commerce of tourism resources integration of

second, the construction of the national tourism e-commerce platform, combined with the repeated construction site, focus on the advantages of resources to build tourism e-commerce service platform with national and international influence, the national tourism industry really play a leading role, and thus accelerate the upgrading of the tourism industry. At present, this project has been through the pre tender work, is entering the implementation phase.

third, vigorously develop the tourism information management and tourism e-commerce talents proposed by the government and universities and various tourism companies, to adapt to the training modes of the development of tourism e-commerce talents, providing talent guarantee for the development of national tourism e-commerce.

fourth, increase publicity efforts to explore the profit model of tourism e-commerce website profit model refers to the relative stability of the site and the system of profit channels and ways. Profit model is consistent with the actual development of the situation, is directly related to the site’s profits and benefits, which is also an effective way to test the effect of the site and the traditional resources. At present, the national tourism e-commerce website publicity is not enough, a large number of network booking is still derived from ctrip. Lack of tourists, but can not talk about profit. Therefore, step up publicity efforts to explore the profit model will be one of the main problems in the tourism e-commerce website to solve, finally from the golden Wangzhuan forum, please indicate the author’s team Wangzhuan Forum: welcome to study.