Comparison of the industry development trend of Taobao after shopping search

stage Chinese Internet market in the golden era of highly developed, from the rise of the surge in the number of Internet users to various sites reflects the flourishing vitality, the shopping website developed rapidly. Go to the mall to buy home appliances can Jingdong, to buy clothes to, to buy books to, so we can not help but think of the search engine, as long as the type keyword that can search the goods you want to buy, comparison shopping search in such a context to start a new shopping experience.

comparison shopping search is a big catfish

what is the comparison shopping search, comparison shopping search is to product details and price as the search results, the biggest difference with the traditional web search is the search unit by "commodity rate, comparison shopping search is a commodity for the search unit, to provide more accurate information to provide reference for users shopping goods. In addition, the main source of shopping comparison shopping is a large B2C site, which can bring more choices for the user. Users can be based on the results of the search to get the price of goods, goods and services, store qualification, user evaluation and other information as a shopping comparison.

the current domestic comparison shopping search engine presents flowers contend potential, relatively large price comparison network, Montana network, YY shopping search, special offer king, smart and so on, comparison shopping network show different characteristics, but they have a unified industry characteristics, each has advantages and disadvantages but make comparison the country’s largest shopping site is their common pursuit. The following comparison of price comparison shopping search, for example, a comprehensive analysis of comparative shopping search.

price comparison network for comparison, provide all kinds of products, price review ranking and shopping guide service, now covering mobile phone and home appliances, computer, automobile, baby products, metallurgy and building materials, building materials and other 14 categories of products Home Furnishing. Consumers can not only understand the function of the product, price, consumer evaluation and shopping guide and other information, you can also understand the product and similar products comprehensive cost-effective.

comparison shopping search "save" and "convenience"

comparison shopping search can save time, save money, and constantly improve the user experience also makes shopping more convenient, more convenient shopping. Comparison is based on the consumer, people-oriented to create a more realistic and closer to the life of the new service functions.

I would like to buy a cell phone, then in the product search box type "NOKIA N97" search results, there are product images, price range, merchants, comments, currency merchants (the lowest price of the top five). According to these information for comparison, choose the best price. Here to remind consumers to be rational shopping, not only to compare the price, the quality of the service store goods, whether the use of third party payment tools are the focus of comparison shopping.

the number of goods is a fundamental comparison shopping

as a comparison shopping search