Now the alliance is black

first stated that I did not cheat

Now the

alliance is really black, I don’t want to write, do not write no psychology is that gas, I have been before MM advertising time to send money to the abnormal data, advertising money, not to say what the data is abnormal, to appeal is not the result. Send a.

distinguished members:

* * * * * * * Hello!

I’m sorry, after a review of the site the existence of abnormal data, do not give closed, if you have an official with the statistics prove, please submit application in the next time,

fill in the detailed statistical data submitted in the entrance (available statistical tools), or detailed data. (Note: do not accept the attachment) to provide data that are for reference only, not to judge whether deblocking according to.

complaint once is the same as.

now I change a billion advertising is the time to send money to an abnormal data, and now the union how so black, but also made a message

Dear members (

* * * * * * *:



thank you very much for 100 million to advertising! Unfortunately, we monitored data on the bidding advertising on your website is abnormal, in order to protect our advertisers and other interests of the webmaster, we freeze your account in against and stop you in against advertising;

if you have any questions about the way we deal with it, please send an email to [email protected] within 7 days.