24 year old girl who won the two crown 300 days


in Taobao’s business in the army, because there are some special force and make us feel particularly good. For example, the 88 years of small girls in the United States, enthusiasm, dedication, diligence, and Taobao seems to be born. From the Alibaba headquarters staff to self-reliance Taobao business, the chick that spirit of Ali, Taobao played most incisive. Let us look at the restless girl, how in just 300 days to create two crown success.

before Taobao, 88 years Zhang Xiaoyan has been working in Hangzhou for two years in the headquarters of the Alibaba, there is not much relationship with Taobao’s integrity through sales, harmony and high income, good working environment, the relationship between colleagues, all of this, let Zhang Xiaoyan work very happy.

in fact, during the University, Zhang Xiaoyan has opened a Taobao shop, operating very casually, a drill reputation. But finding a decent job is a big trend, so she became a Alibaba employee.

resigned from Alibaba, Zhang Xiaoyan or Taobao, she said: "because I like, so want to adhere to. Although parents do not agree, I think it is a pity to give up the work of high paying white-collar workers, and do Taobao may have zero income risk." It’s hard to imagine a 88 year old girl who looks so sweet and so weak.

a lot of people just started Taobao business, women will choose, and Zhang Xiaoyan had to choose the maternal and child products, she said, this is a coincidence. Zhang Xiaoyan sister’s children a few months old, she went to Hangzhou, Sijiqing shopping to buy clothes for the baby, accidentally fell in love at the first sight of lovely children, can not move the pace.

is in love with Zhang Xiaoyan in the children’s clothing market and turn a few laps, Taobao also searched for maternal and child products, that are very popular, especially for baby, almost every quarter is the peak season. Zhang Xiaoyan made a special trip to find the target for baby gift manufacturers, select the best fabrics, the most fashionable styles, the most advantage of the price of the goods in the shop, selling.

do not know their product manager is not a good manager. 88 years of Zhang Xiaoyan’s own or a child, can only start from the body to her niece, wearing clothes, bathing, diaper bag, a little bit, a little bit more about our products. That shopkeeper attentively, become "Britney home mother child supplies store" comfortable shopping atmosphere, this is like a special for the mother to create the world, regardless of quality or service, are filled with a deep sense of warmth, and all of this comes from a 88 years girl hand.

mind crown shop

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had to give up the Taobao Alibaba, after leaving Ali again into the Taobao army, from a diamond store now double crown shop, Zhang Xiaoyan rely on is nothing more than a foot on their own