Over 8 of online shoppers are basically satisfied with the psychological maturity of online shopping

into the era of E, online shopping with the advantages of cheap, convenient and quick access to the favor of young people, and gradually become fashionable consumer fashion. However, online shopping is often not Everything is going smoothly., online shopping the arrival of the goods found "the goods do not goods"? "Consumers have the right to return the goods within thirty days after the receipt of goods, does not bear any costs!" in the face of the above statements, you do not be too surprised, because this may become the statutory provisions on the new "law" the



survey results show that 65.65% of respondents often online shopping, only about 5.34% of respondents did not participate in online shopping.


for the satisfaction of online shopping goods obtained, choose "very satisfied" and "basic satisfaction" into more than 8, 13.18% of respondents said "not satisfactory", 1.55% of respondents said "not satisfied", 3.88% of the respondents to the online shopping goods income satisfaction said no".


of respondents are not satisfied with the network shopping income under the assumption that more than 4 percent of respondents said that the return, 4.5% of respondents said to resort to the law ", 18.02% of respondents said" can continue to use ". The results of the survey in several places worthy of notice is: nearly 3 of respondents said that the return postage, discussed by the parties, not firmly requests the seller, showing their tolerant attitude of online shopping online shopping; income is not satisfied, "maybe I have bad taste", "I may be online shopping experience too little", "to the friends do not be such a rush about telling the news around spreading" idea shows the online shopping behavior of the immature, on the other hand also shows that online shopping in the online shopping psychological maturity.

has been issued for 16 years of the "consumer protection law" has officially entered the two revision of the original program, "consumer protection law" article ninth: consumers have to choose the right goods or services. The revision of "Ninth New": through telephone sales, sell, buy home sales and other places selling goods, consumers have the right to return the goods within thirty days after the receipt of goods, does not bear any costs, but the impact of commodity sales again except for a revised "law" may provide online shopping bring new security