More than 1 billion of the electricity supplier holding cash to make the color of honey bud baby

in the first eight months of 2015, the field of maternal and child has completed 93 financing, but from September honey bud to complete the D round of financing 150 million, winter capital gradually from winter to have said before CEO struck, honey bud Liu Nan said, in 2015 the capital hot, give a person a kind of "the only angle the beast, the family 90" feeling, but it is not realistic. After this, the honey bud began to silence the internal force of the practice, the electricity supplier level from the upstream supply chain to product form, and then to the logistics after sale, have a substantial increase in the optimization. The more peaceful means vertical final breakthrough has reached a critical period, but in fact the commodity structure of maternal electricity providers increasingly homogeneous to think how to do out of the ordinary to get rapid development in staking also. Recently, the mother and child electricity supplier honey bud announced the completion of a new round of financing, with its own cash reserves of more than 1 billion yuan, ample cash flow in the capital of the winter is a huge trump card, honey bud is how to play?


since last year, Baidu investment honey bud, honey bud has opened Baidu big data, so that the honey bud can be more clearly seen in the field of maternal and child behavior changes as well as the vertical extension of demand. Honey bud, even maternal online consumption trend is obvious, but China population wide degree high degree of maternal, maternal and child online penetration actual is actually less than 10%, far from 3C, cosmetics, clothing etc. categories accounted for a large, it also shows that the maternal population is also a concentrated online. Coupled with Tmall is the whole category as the main shopping channels occupy the vast majority of market share, vertical maternal and child’s core competencies in the end what is it?

honey bud is located in the maternal and child electricity supplier is a four sided interface industry, can be connected to the medical, under the education can be connected, the left is retail, the right is the service. As a mother and child vertical electricity supplier, you do it again, but the big Jingdong, but also big Tmall, it is no doubt that the honey bud at this point in particular cognitive clarity. So make a judgment on their own position, if you do electricity supplier you do not only do the mother and child, if you do not do your mother and child only electricity supplier." First of all, do not want to do the electricity supplier to do the mother and baby, choose the latter. Liu Nan believes that the electricity supplier has a great amount to the transaction volume large, profit rate is very good, you go there to cut the phone will not, because the mobile terminal has the advantage of large companies is rapidly catching up, there is no equivalent to what the new dividend can make small business the company can choose to do to turn to overtake, mother is very simple, comprehensive type of company Chinese maternal so large a population without a decent, honey bud the direction we want to go forward towards the company.

comprehensive maternal and child enterprises is not a concept, but the need to find out what kind of services in the end what kind of maternal and child populations, China’s largest maternal and child companies should have any business. In fact, honey bud have tried multidimensional business in the past two years, from the establishment of a joint venture with red and yellow blue development institutions, investment China largest indoor children’s amusement.

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