Beijing intends to regulate the express industry chaos don’t let inspection or rejected by mail


express sorting center in flying courier, that is "dangerous goods" are the names of not mistaken and articles are loss claim gates during delivery…… With the rapid development of courier services, courier chaos also emerge in an endless stream.

yesterday, the Beijing courier service specification and safety management approach (Draft) for public comment on the above part of the phenomenon of the specification, which provides that the courier companies should not open the sorting of goods.

do courier companies must be licensed

City Legislative Affairs Office official said, there are still a large number of courier companies do not get courier business license, security issues and criminal acts in a latent, unknown state. Therefore, it is necessary to regulate the form of legislation. Based on this, the draft for the courier business practitioners to refine the threshold, requiring the express courier business should be made in accordance with the law to express business license.

draft, in the city express business license application, but also should have 4 or more places of business more than 1 standard shipment processing places and settings, not less than 50 square meters, the allocation of transport more than 4 vehicles in accordance with the standards of motor vehicles and other conditions.

refused to inspect the express delivery is not sent

draft also requires, courier companies should establish a Courier Channel Security system. Express enterprises and users shall abide by the relevant provisions of the state on the letter franchise and prohibit or restrict delivery of goods.

The draft also requires

express courier companies in the acceptance except for express mail, shall be in accordance with the provisions on the spot inspection as the inner parts, and visual inspection stamp stamp. Users refuse to inspect, not to send.

express enterprise accept online shopping, TV shopping and mail order operators entrusted to provide long-term, large, number of courier services, can take the appropriate way to examine the inside parts, but shall sign a security agreement with the operator, and the courier waybill stamped on the agreement inspection mark, ensure the delivery of safe delivery. Within one month after the signing of the security agreement, it shall be reported to the Postal Administration for the record.

express companies ban open-air sorting

has been criticized for the courier users have been open air, improper sorting problem, the draft clearly stipulates that courier companies are not allowed to express in the open space. Violation of the provisions will be ordered by the postal administration to correct and impose a fine of 2000 yuan.

at the same time, the draft requirements, express delivery should be closed vehicles. And the use of a unified courier service dedicated logo. In the case of express business places and express processing sites, video surveillance systems shall be installed in accordance with the national and industry standards, and shall be used for the production sites such as delivery, sorting, storage and so on. For not installed or monitoring equipment is not normal operation, the postal administrative department shall order correction, at 1000 yuan more than 10 thousand yuan fine; overdue correction, at more than 10 thousand yuan fine of $30 thousand.

file and user information security

in order to strengthen the

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