Smart is clever by mistake for social marketing you have not play wrong

social marketing in the present can be said to be a commonplace thing, because it is bland, doesn’t look expensive, and once compared to people for social marketing consciousness had faded, the overall structure of social marketing in virtually differentiated carefully, marketing perspective has changed. Many enterprises of social marketing, probably because of its devaluation, did not achieve the desired effect, therefore, to expand the scope of people to carry out social marketing activities, is not so cheap after the treasure, according to market research found that the situation, not in a blind, indiscriminate use, abandoned, for social marketing, some misunderstanding at present the promotion, here is a simple reminder and weapon one or two.

first, to promote a single channel, no traceability mechanism for coordination. One is through social marketing to continue to play the heat, get the maximum marketing value, while the heavy misunderstanding of social marketing, encounter any discarded, using value and being trampled, and all of this is a practical measure to contradict each other. Many enterprises in the process of social marketing, paying attention to marketing channels, and the way is too single, can be said to be misguided, without any sense of creativity, can not attract the masses, promote natural won’t get a decent answer to what effect, it is very easy. In addition, the weak security mechanism, one aspect is also hampered social marketing, not a guarantee mechanism to maintain the effect of the promotion, there is no information feedback, cannot query, which is a kind of development in sorrow, or similar to the effect of traditional broadcasting in the way, no traceability mechanism coordination, its value is greatly reduced in some extent.

second, seize the fuse of social marketing, has spread to spread, and then push the waves. Social marketing more often need to use some background theme, this time selective greatly, create a social marketing fuse is not very easy, once the fuse was lit, can spread rapidly towards their expected direction, will not like what effect. If a set of marketing solutions in the promotion process, there is no effect, this is a misunderstanding on the screeching deadline, a kind of marketing, the research efforts to pre grasp enough, make the wrong judgment, or can not effectively control, that is a silence no echo. The fuse is of overall grasp and analysis of marketing results before doing it, there will be a blockbuster, there will be great silence, in order to avoid negative effects, not the "dumb" marketing, marketing is to maximize the benefits, then pushed the waves is the bounden, this to keep with the topic, to maximize the spread of manufacturing marketing.

third, advertising overwhelming, one does not leak, there is always a concern to consumers. Not because of the influence of traditional marketing thinking, still use an old routine to operate, wrong understanding, in the social marketing process with big advertising to promote, even can be achieved, then this would be counterproductive. Don’t have the idea in social camp a fish escaped through the Seine. "

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