Global counterfeit market size of more than 400 billion U S dollars a year to sell bags and shoes

this is a problem that can not be solved, because the demand has been, and always strong.


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in the luxury market, fake has been chronic. A recent report by the organization for economic co operation and development and the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office revealed a major reason for the difficulty of being cured of Fakes: the interests of the market amazing.

report pointed out that the global market value of counterfeit goods approaching $461 billion per year. In 2013, this figure accounted for 2.5% of total imports of the world, including the United States, Italy and France in particular brand.

in the huge market of fake goods, clothing, shoes and hats, leather goods, electronic products, watches, medical equipment category is the most common flow. In 2013, about 5% of all goods imported into the European Union were counterfeit and the total price was $116 billion.



and China is the largest producer of fake countries. Between 2011 and 2013, only 63.2% of the counterfeit goods seized by customs were from china. 2013, mainland China confiscated 88 thousand counterfeit, Hongkong confiscated nearly 30 thousand pieces. After the number of fakes in China, followed by Turkey, Singapore, Thailand and India.

in fact, China’s bad reputation on fakes, has accumulated for many years. Data from the world customs organization show that between 2006 and 2010, a total of counterfeit goods seized in the world, from china.

and in 2013, the U.S. trade representative put China as the first place in the fake real estate market. But it is reported that the Ministry of Commerce Chinese experts refute this argument, that the United States would like to use Overgeneralization manner the United States trade protectionism.



but the problem is worthy of being paid attention to fakes, the reputation of China’s economy is only one thing, more importantly, the fake economy is also hurting China’s trade. With the Chinese people’s pockets become more and more popular, luxury groups have optimistic about the Chinese market. But in fact, 76% of China’s luxury consumption abroad, and did not make a contribution to the Chinese economy.

China fakes in the market share is too high that also make luxury goods group in March Chinese market by raising the price of a single product or to increase the genuine marketing, store decoration and other services cost and fake boundaries, and finally willing to buy genuine customers will not get any cheap fakes, but intensified.

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