OEM products from production to sales network of those things

OEM and OEM, is currently more popular in coastal areas. OEM products discussed in this article, refers to the brand of the unknown, rather than such as GREE, Haier and other well-known brand net sales of products. Secondly, this article mainly refers to the search engine to sell products, rather than talk about Taobao and other C2C and B2C platform marketing. According to the sales of a car parking lock products, a variety of techniques to talk about OEM brand network marketing and matters needing attention.

, why do I have to do OEM products


company in drizzle parking lock this product, choose OEM production, is based on the following reasons. I also believe that similar SMEs, but also have similar views.

1, cost advantage

for a very simple example, now do mechanical molding products, from product model structure selection, mold, set up shop, recruit workers, product sales to customer service service. A set of processes toss down, hundreds of thousands of capital are filled with discontent. The OEM products, you only need to find manufacturers, then you can put all their energy into product sales to.

2, reduce the risk of

factory risk, sales of new products are not mature product inventory risk, too much risk.

3, to expand the scale of preparation

many Taobao buyers like to do consignment, distribution, but it is difficult to expand the scale. This kind of game player, mostly take a walk too much. And other agents of small brands, is always the wedding dress for others, is not conducive to the long-term development of the company.

two, OEM sales before the

key note

the following, I think is very important, if you are going to do OEM products, may wish to refer to.

1, new products as little as possible quantitative

new products or new models are at risk. Such as the author of the parking spaces to lock the product has A, K and O, for the first time because there is no experience, three products ordered too much, resulting in the emergence of a serious inventory of K products.

2, payment method

if the size and strength of the company less, as far as possible to reduce the proportion of prepaid products, thus freeing up more liquidity to do product promotion, etc..

3, quality acceptance

product volume is bigger, it is inevitable that there will be quality problems. When the OEM manufacturers for the places, such as drizzle in Changsha, the OEM manufacturers in Dongguan, the two sides far apart, the acceptance of the quality of communication is to do.

4, logistics distribution

The core link of

logistics distribution is the choice of transportation mode, quality assurance and so on. There is a situation, such as drizzle car parking lock a month has a large customer in Guangzhou, if the manufacturers will be transported to the production of the product

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