To pay the company business audit loopholes deceitful tampering orders

    as more and more services are basic necessities of life funds through online channel delivery, network phishing fraud is also increasingly rampant, make people impossible to guard against. Recently, Mr. Lai Lai, Beijing, when buying tickets on the Internet encounter phishing sites.

YeePay wind control manager Tan Juan to the newspaper reporter to explain the whole process of online payment for fishing, fishing and fishing website Trojan false orders in the process of user will tamper with the payment, the user is difficult to detect, the third party payment companies can not be tampered with after order identification.

The investigation report of

China Internet Network Information Center shows that users of the secured transaction payment safety evaluation of the highest, but more than third parties including YeePay, payment is not guaranteed to pay the transaction function, safety hidden troubles. The industry pointed out that, due to the market competition is too intense, some of the existence of the presence of the payment agency audit lax phenomenon.

transfer orders


, according to Mr. Lai, he bought a ticket in the name of the website of the website of Bao Sheng airlines, after the completion of the payment, but did not successfully ticket. Subsequently, the site will not be able to log on, no one answered the phone, check the airline also has no relevant ticket information.

electronic receipt provided by the bank, payable to Beijing Zhizhu Internet Technology Co. Ltd. is yeepay. Mr. Lai call Alipay customer service, told the buy is not the ticket, but the game currency, money has been transferred to a company located in Changsha called the United States day culture communication company.

YeePay stakeholders told reporters that access businesses have strict audit process. If there is a user complaint merchant phishing or fraud, the merchant will immediately freeze the account, if found to have a problem, it will shut down the merchant port. For the day of culture, YeePay said has not contact.

, according to Tan Juan introduction, common phishing sites have three ways: first, by e-mail or chat tools to provide links to visit. Two is implanted in the user’s computer Trojan, Trojan horse users will be paid when the program starts, modify the user’s orders. The three is a fake website, illegal imitation of the shopping site to establish a false website, through lower prices to entice users to pay.

Tan Juan said, Mr. Lai suffered a typical fake phishing sites. After the Trojan fishing, the user will be replaced by the Trojans in the shopping site trojans. At the same time, but also to generate an order submitted to the payment of the company, through the deceitful way, users pay the funds to pay the other orders.

merchant audit vulnerabilities

Lai suspected, third party payment companies may be combined with criminals to fraud users. YeePay stakeholders insisted that businesses have access to more strictly, and can not be illegal merchant collusion. Tan Juan said: the payment company can not see the user’s information, do not know the user >

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