Mysterious mobile electricity supplier service three of the crowd began to low adult supplies

they sell a copycat, the user is very grassroots, compared with the current land wailing traditional electricity providers, they are alien……


Zhang Xiaowei said he earned the money to sell cabbage, but with the heart to sell white powder, but will always stick to it, because it makes sense.

In an interview with

/ Hao Zheng Jiang Bowen / Zheng Jiangbo

this is a typical scenario of this industry: Chinese post EMS a courier riding a motorcycle 80% new Mercedes Benz in the southeast of the Pearl River Delta a township road, at a crossroads, he stopped to pick up the mobile phone, dialed a strange number, "Hey, yes it is? You express to, I wait for you at the intersection of billiards room."

ten minutes later, a riding a no name motorcycle rushed over, opened the box, a brand-new pair of XTEP shoes in front of present, this is a "he added for next week’s dating equipment". He looked down at the courier foot worn Nike shoes, a sense of well-being arise spontaneously……

no office, no brand clothing, no credit card, no one even the day of arrival, no specific delivery address, but can still complete the transaction, and the transaction scale in 2012 years blowout, bad mouthing the sound of the business is a business can be heard without end, there is almost no so-called "winter" to spread their business: is mostly done in copycat mobile phone, their customers are mostly from the county, township and village level of migrant workers or farmers, their trading places around the integration of industrial parks or manufacturing base in urban and rural areas, their price is generally around $300, even higher than where customers, Taobao these white-collar the consumer platform, the most important thing is that they are hardly with the traditional electricity providers compete for the city white-collar consumer groups called, but broaden the electricity supplier in a new dimension The extended population.

they called mobile providers, but can not fully represent the mobile electricity supplier. "We just represent a dimension of the electricity supplier, which is the often overlooked population into the electricity supplier user category," founder and CEO Zhang Xiaowei of the "entrepreneur", "migrant workers, security guards, soldiers and a roadside restaurant waiter, not to contact these long-term computer online shopping experience" three low the crowd "(low age, low education, low income), using the hands of only a mobile phone, the latest consumer trends and their age together."

trading treasure is one of the first companies to enter the field of mobile providers, is currently China’s largest independent mobile providers. "They were a year in my advertising there are tens of millions of revenue, very cattle!" Shu Yi, founder of interactive advertising force the United States to tell "entrepreneur". It is said that in 2011 the sale of treasure income close to 400 million.

Although the size of

is far less than the traditional electricity supplier, but their "wilderness style" is worthy of all.

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