BAT pain Tencent social Empire escape and unknown fear

Baidu saw a high-speed road, built a toll station at the entrance, people have to pay through the highway;

Ali built a line of "Wanda Plaza", in which the business transactions have to pay rent;

A city built

Tencent, is only responsible for issuing identity cards, other sickness and death are all people to manage it all to collect taxes.

before we said that Baidu’s weaknesses, Ali’s anxiety, today we grilled a steak Tencent crisis.

Baidu built on an open basis, Ali built on the basis of ecology, the two are open and semi open business model. Tencent is built on the basis of closed, just like apple, completely self circulation.

closed system, when the internal strong enough, everything possible, regardless of the outside is the wind and rain, there is always a sunny day. This is like the apple mobile phone selling particularly well, apple is the ecological health, developers pour in, fans eagerly look forward to the new listing.

but when the closed system is not strong enough to immediately and this crisis threatened by growing crises, fast speed, and the possibility of cliff collapse.

Tencent crisis, may be rooted in this.


from instant messaging software to social city, Tencent completed the history of China’s most typical S curve.


in 1998, Ma Huateng for Guangdong Telecom to develop "network pager" not successful, this is the predecessor of OICQ.

later, this is a good thing for China’s Internet, as a foreign expert said, in China, many things are anti logical comedy.

if the network pager bid for telecom operators, the back up is a fetion.

precisely because it took 500 thousand of the development of the product did not win the bid, Pony had the opportunity to set up their own operations to imitate the foreign ICQ software.

heroes do not ask the source, QQ from the instant messaging software (IM), the industry’s largest, and completed the software products to the Internet from the entrance of the beyond, which can not be accidental profiles.

if QQ is increasing because of the functions of the product is good and the gap in the market given the opportunity, then the Tencent from IM software to PC content production and community evolution, should be a very big strategic breakthrough.


we can divide the Tencent’s expansion into four stages: IM maturity, free content growth period, internal ecological cycle start period, and external ecological cycle start-up period.

IM maturation phase

IM mature >

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