The new MacBook life was criticized by consumers criticized Apple is communicating with it

recently, Phil Schiller, senior vice president of global marketing Apple Corp Pro (Phil Schiller), said Apple is working with the consumer report communication, has been aware of the problem of unstable MacBook battery life.

on Thursday, the United States independent non-profit organization "consumer report" published a surprising report, they affirmed the appearance and performance of this product, but the question of life, so they do not recommend to the reader any one model of the new MacBook Pro.

"in each test MacBook Pro battery life gap is too large". Mainly unstable: sometimes up to a dozen hours, sometimes only 3 hours.

‘s consumer report test method, the battery is full of circumstances, the computer through a dedicated WiFi network to read a stored in the laboratory on a server. They all use the system comes with Safar browser, multiple loading 10 web pages. During the test, the computer all the brightness adjustment function is closed, the machine screen brightness of 100 nits, until no electricity automatic shutdown.

in such a scenario, 13 inches with Touch Bar Pro in a test of endurance for up to 16 hours, but in a test of endurance only about 3.75 hours. No Touch Bar entry version MacBook Pro to achieve 19.5 hours of endurance, but another test is only 4.5 hours. 15 inches with Touch Bar version of MacBook Pro life is between 8 – 18.5 hours.

in the consumer report assessment, 15 inches MacBook Pro score of 56 points (out of), Touch Bar version and non Touch Bar version of the 13 inches MacBook Pro score was 40 and 47

this is also the first time Apple’s MacBook series notebook did not get the consumer report recommended rating reasons.

Schiller said it had noted the results of the consumer report, which is different from the laboratory testing methods and the number of Apple Corp. Normally, apple does not respond to a similar situation, but this time seems to attach great importance to this issue.

subsequently, Schiller released tweets that apple in the consumer report, to further understand its battery testing process. Their test results are not consistent with our extensive laboratory tests or actual data".

affected by battery life, price, require a large number of adapters and other issues, the popularity of the new MacBook Pro laptop is far less than Apple’s expectations.

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