Digital music to speed up the preparation of the music website download charges


give up in China with Google music search service, Baidu music resource’s integration to create a genuine music, domestic digital music industry is quietly changing, legalization accelerated at the same time, charging times are coming. As with the current video industry, in the near future, the habit of digital music free users may be accustomed to get better service and pay.

Tencent technology through the exchange with a number of people in charge of the music website was informed that the major music platform brewing at the end of this year or early next year, digital music downloads, and explore more Internet value-added services. Users get the original free trial service at the same time, can get close to the CD level of ape, FLAC or MV format music through the mode of payment, and other payment rights.

this will be a rare collective action in music websites in recent years. Including QQ, cool music, cool dog music platform meters, has agreed to such a pricing model. Previously, Shi Jianping, President of more than 40 meters of music, music will be paid to download high-quality digital music download. Cool CEO thunder also said that the free plus charging mode is bigger and stronger the inevitable choice, in an attempt to cool the charging mode.

industry insiders said that the industry is exploring the implementation of the music charging model, is the major music companies and music sites to discuss the results. Because of the collective deliberation music charging mode, the development of record companies and music website difficult, need to build a healthy ecological chain, in the domestic music copyright protection, strengthen international record company pressure and the 6 to 7 music platform to occupy the market share of over 85% of the cases, there are also a number of hope to obtain high-quality music users are willing to pay.

but not everyone is optimistic about the music site once again try to charge. Innovation works chairman Li Kaifu (micro-blog) is one of them, he said to the Tencent of science and technology, digital music collection is a global trend, China users can maintain and the world is to respect the original, however, user habits are difficult for many years to develop free, do not want to pay to pay from the stage. "I hope that the digital music charging mode can be, but not particularly optimistic attitude."

although there are many challenges in the process of music charging, but in any case, the first step is very important. Tencent QQ music market development group of senior marketing director Wu Weilin pointed out that digital music to the healthy development should be divided into three steps, the first step is all agreed to charge, the second step is to fight against piracy of music, the third step is to explore new business models.

digital music war — all day is really hard to

talked about digital music, with reference to former Google partners, whale music network, music search service in Google shut down after the whale become completely waterless fish, stranded in the digital music on the beach. Jujing CEO Chen Ge recently on science and technology Tencent said the whale personnel have been reduced to no longer reduction phase, the company is a difficult transition. >

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