A personal battle 6 years to connect the nternet

Huang Jiayang, born in 1980 in a small village in Fujian, Quanzhou. 1998, as the family is also the first college students admitted to Beijing Institute of Technology. He began to embark on the road of entrepreneurship in the University, and now only 26 years old Huang Jiayang, but has been working on the Internet for the past 7 years, the entrepreneurial experience of the 2.

2006, poly actor as Huang Jiayang (GBQ.cn) website (a youth oriented dating website) founder of CCTV participated in the large-scale TV activity – inspirational entrepreneurship "win in Chinese", and from the 120 thousand election hands smooth cut 108, after the round of 36, 12, 80 became the only 12 players strong in.

If you’ve seen

CCTV-2 "win in Chinese" this program, will remember the passionate young man in South fujian. Although he did not PK into the top six, but as the youngest 80 players, he left a deep impression on many viewers.

one battle: 6 years to adhere to the vast Internet

6 years, is not a short period of time.

"if a thing takes 3 years to complete, then you’ll have a 3 chance before you’re 30." For 26 year old Huang Jiayang, for the past 6 years is a long time into the light of the reality of the dream.

‘s project is a dating website (GBQ.CN), poly network was founded in September 2000, is the largest gathering of dating sites. Poly cool and unique personality of portal service based on attention, in the 18-25 year old population has established extensive cognitive network brand, and the formation of more than one million high loyalty of users. GBQ.cn use of the characteristics of Web2.0, to taste, personality, fashion services to meet the needs of young people’s multi-faceted personality display and entertainment needs.

Huang Jiayang says the site’s name is deliberate. GBQ.cn G is English word Girl (girl) the first letter of the word Boy is B English (boy) the first letter of the word Cool (Q English homophonic cool, Xuan Zhiyi). By the end of 2006, the number of free members of GBQ.cn has more than 2 million, and maintain a high growth rate of 5% per month. Simply from the scale, GBQ.cn is China’s top ten professional dating community site, and in the field of gathering friends, has undoubtedly become the leader.

this is the Yellow Jiayang 6 years adhere to the network project, now a member of the network’s only one person, this is his own situation, fight a lone battle lasted 3 years.

at the beginning of the business, Huang Jiayang also gave his career planning a road, and for the design of the project is three years. If three years is not enough, or will choose to do something else. Huang Jiayang’s project was started in 2000, after the Internet began to decline in 2001, they had to take some

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