Webmaster network A5 forum upgrade Discuz 7 2 improve management efficiency

latest news, in November 21, 2009, the owners of the network’s Trading Forum (http://s.bbs.admin5.com referred to as A5 Forum) system upgrade. A5 forum launched a new version of the system, the introduction of more interactive elements of the community to improve the user experience of the forum transaction, with a more detailed system management authority, to further enhance the management efficiency of the forum transaction.


figure 01 webmaster network forum system upgrade Discuz! Version 7.2

webmaster A5 forum management team log display, as one of the core service station network A5 forum is the largest trading station and service center, the Discuz community forum system after the upgrade version 7.2 build. Upgrade from Discuz! 7 to the current version of Discuz! Version 7.2, the entire cross – version upgrade process is very smooth. After the upgrade, the system can effectively control the Fillmore advertising spam phenomenon is more prominent in the value of information exchange forum. Further optimization of the forum editor, making it easier for registered members to release information. Any forum, introduced the theme of top theme identification, grab floor stickers, reply posts and other more visible application form, make the information transfer in the forum more smoothly, allowing users to more easily find their own service information required.

the A5 forum system upgrade, stationmaster net founder Zhang Zhengjun (Figure Wang) said that the forum is not only a fancy A5 system compatibility and function of the new version is easy to use, more improvement and optimization to version operation management in the community. The most important is your own web service to promote out, as some well-known brand advertising, the purpose is to let more users know the website brand and service, so long station network has been in the Discuz community forum system! On trade intermediary services, currently has successfully completed the tens of thousands of transactions, as of second the year 2009 upgrade, the upgrade was completed with the simultaneous development of the mainstream community to further improve the quality of products, trading intermediary services.

Comsenz (Comsenz) as a professional community of software and service providers, launched Discuz, UCenter! Home (UCHome), SupeSite and other open source community products are widely used in the domestic million sites, its products in the user experience with hundreds of millions of users and a good reputation. With the latest version of Discuz! 7.2 synchronization upgrade, can let the webmaster nets focus more on the website operation service, and do not need to spend too much time to study technology can achieve the synchronization effect and application of the mainstream community. The forum survey shows that after the revision of the A5 forum management system more flexible, the user experience has been further improved, stationmaster net A5 forum to edit the community as the core management team is full of confidence in the management and development of the website.

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