Chen Tong Lei Jun announced officially joined as vice president of millet 1 billion investment in c

Lei Jun announced that Chen Tong officially joined as vice president of millet $1 billion investment in construction

Chen Tong departure from Sina, described the industry circle heavy news, the Internet has been spread out Chen Tong will join millet, is responsible for the market, but these are just rumors, but in today, millet officially announced the new vice president, Chen Tong is right.

released from millet situation, the former editor of sina will serve as the content and the content of investment millet, vice president of operations.

addition, millet also stressed that the future will invest $1 billion for content construction, enrich the content of millet tv.

Update: for Chen Tong to join, Lei Jun released a long micro-blog, and stressed that Chen Tonghui and co-founder Wang Chuan millet together, the first responsibility of millet and millet TV box video content construction.

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