With the help of the government website to create a Trojan virus profit 14 million

online games, the government website, these two unrelated areas, but because of a large lady called the Trojan virus linked together. Last May, the "Miss" Trojan "captured" the water resources department of Jiangsu province government website, the network cannot access. The purpose of hackers to attack, just in order to use the government website shell to spread the virus, and then steal online game account.

Nanjing city police investigation found that the case behind the attack on government websites, hidden in a black industry chain. "Miss" Trojan has the pernicious influence of the country, the market share accounted for 60% of the market, Trojan hacking. Behind in one year, profit 14 million yuan.

the night before, with seventeenth suspects arrested in Yiyang in Hunan, the Ministry of public security to supervise the handling of the "5· 6" failure case announced that cracked the computer system. The ad hoc group successfully cracked the case, yesterday won class two.

flood season, Jiangsu water network was hacked

in May 6th last year, the Provincial Water Resources Department report, the office of government website "Jiangsu water network" can not open the page, a hacker attack. At that time, the province has entered the flood season, the normal operation of the site will directly affect the province’s flood control work.

provincial public security organs attach great importance to this, the city public security bureau network police detachment will be set up for the destruction of the computer information system case investigation, and in conjunction with the drum tower Public Security Bureau set up "5· 6" task force.

task force preliminary investigation found that the site was attacked, the server overwhelmed and paralyzed. 8 days later, the task force in Hubei, Guangxi and other places arrested the suspects in the 6. These more than and 20 year old young people quickly admitted the fact that the attack on the website of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of water resources.

case is broken, but let the police feel strange, why do these people attack the government website?

"we didn’t even want to paralyze the government. We have no experience, Trojan put too much." A suspect’s account, opened the mystery.

originally, these people had just wanted to be implanted in the Department of water resources website called miss big trojan virus, spread the virus through the site. But because of "xueyibujing", they implanted Trojan excess on the web, finally betrayed his.

in the big miss virus, the game account will be stolen

mention miss big trojan virus, network police are familiar with. This trojan virus has been the highest in the notorious repute, pilfer date trojan virus class list. It specializes in popular online games, as long as the user of the virus, the game account will be stolen, and the game’s equipment and other virtual property will soon be stolen".

this situation caused great attention of the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of public security designated Nanjing City Public Security Bureau under the jurisdiction of the case, and in July of that year 1>

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