The most cattle of soft Wen train video to teach you how to write soft


said the train video is the most cattle soft? Train based on Taobao such a large platform, has accumulated 100 thousand users, and continued to influence people outside of the vehicle, the Taobao and Taobao in the community of the community, always will see others through train in the discussion of the non and, perhaps, in the car people will never know whether the train can bring benefits, but one day, they will try, then, as long as he went in, has become a direct user, and train the video, you know how to train skills at the same time will tell, imperceptibly let you every day the cost is more and more big, it can not be said to be train video.


today this article is mainly from the train through several features of the video tutorial to give you an analysis of how to write an article to make your readers continue to fall into the soft

1 keyword

train video always told you, let you set the full 200 keywords, the purpose of this is to be able to spend less to bring click price relatively more customers, not what is wrong, oh, but, conversely, you sure such total cost is relatively high, do not believe you you can go to try, so that Taobao’s advertising revenue is more and more big.

The 2 category of

category set above, sometimes, the purpose of Taobao also reached

3 all terrain

you may flow a few places is very large, but at the same time, some other place you, also can bring a lot of traffic for you, but is geographicdispersion too big, this time, the train will advise you the whole regional on the video, or it is you anyway.

4 full time launch

perhaps the morning, you are not online, but the train video would still recommend that you also want to put two reasons, first, can spend less money to bring better ranking, more traffic; second, if the buyer really love your stuff, he will choose to purchase or directly Oh, very perfect, saying, so, the purpose of Taobao has reached.

finally, we come to a conclusion, train station video is always in such a perspective, to improve the flow of the shopkeeper, the shopkeeper very need, brought traffic to you, Taobao also earn money, what a perfect ending, and the whole process is run without silently, is complete imperceptibly. So from this perspective, we must better understand our propaganda purpose clear, we write an article is to give what to see, only our purpose is very clear, very accurate positioning, can we achieve the best publicity.

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