How to use the QQ product marketing Amoy clothing category products

QQ marketing can be described as powerful, QQ friends, QQ group, QQ space, QQ mail, QQlist, etc. no place does not exist in the marketing, the following summary of several common QQ marketing methods.

a, QQ friends

QQ friends marketing is based on having as many friends. The key is how to get QQ friends.

The common

can pass the QQ envelope, have some more QQ trumpet everywhere people, a few days ago, a colleague of a landing 7 QQ, respectively, with friends, a limit for another to add, seemingly can try. In view of the many restrictions now Tencent, people have not so easy to change IP, manual or the use of VPS and so on.

clothing products how to QQ friends through marketing


you must know there is a magical software called A5 group, Taobao customer forum above had shared promotional content edited and clothing products directly through the software group can be directly pushed to every friend. In addition to the transformation of a particularly good product can be illustrated in the talk show, I believe the effect will be good.

two, QQ group

common to do more is cabbage group, spike group, discount group, discount group, purchasing group, shopping group, etc..

how to add QQ group members

do not know if you have any concern about Taobao A5 guest lectures, in a guest lecturer Cai Cai told how to increase the group members, his method is very simple, are introduced each other by group members, is also a member of the majority of people love love online shopping online shopping is introduced here, which increases the accuracy of target the crowd, and is the premise of them as friends. There are many methods, such as to others into the group, and then pulled into his group. Or the direct purchase of a large number of groups.

clothing products through QQ group marketing?

some of the information released in the cabbage group, as shown in the picture, Taobao customer connection + picture + product title, may be a group of software in the operation. In general, there are few members of this group to see the interaction, may be in the quiet attention.

if the product when the release of some of the fabric properties of clothing, recommended reasons and so on, whether it will increase the desire to buy members.

can also be used in group announcements, group forums, group albums, etc..

three, QQ space

in the QQ space log can be made into a shopping guide type, you can link the purchase of the product to their own site or direct Taobao link. I think the first thing is to set the space to allow anyone to see, so you can increase the exposure display.

apparel products through QQ space marketing?

is a talk about. Update on one

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