Children who are still struggling with vertical products should take a look at this case

for vertical product classmates, whenever talking about "commercial transformation", often frustrated and confused…… They are digging vertical field, enhance the user experience of these two major tasks, which have already blown out injured all over the body, to study how the transition, how commercial calm mood. However, this is a tricky thing to deal with sooner or later, financing negotiations, but also related to product trends, the importance of self-evident……


in fact, we all understand the truth, tools – Community – electricity supplier, so a textbook style electricity supplier in front of the line, the children in the vertical field. But the tools training user stickiness to what extent, the community and the content of precipitation accumulated to what level, to make electricity supplier become make things? And the user intervention in what attitude of electricity, in order to ensure the retention, and even create fans economy? One after another, is epic……

actually, there are a number of products have been in the forefront of commercialization, profit or not, perhaps for them is just a small problem on the product line. Can do a good job, the way to make money.

analysis of the case, from the investigation of the five elements of user experience level three products, interpretation of the business model, analysis of product experience, eventually condensed into a brief summary of the author’s own thinking, injection, and vertical boat buddy common exchange, guarantee not over ~



















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