Example analysis of beauty website should be how to promote

through the analysis of examples of ice and snow white quality of this website, a beauty website promotion way for everyone, if there is insufficient, please exhibitions.

: quality of ice and snow white

Baidu included: 7

ice and snow white in the online promotion of quality is the core of "brand", promote the products to customers through the network platform to make it easy to find information about the company, with the network of this tool, the quality of the ice and snow white brand started.

existing parameters: Baidu and Google are included, but it is too little, so the next search engine optimization is the key.

below is the promotion program:

first, the optimization of the website:

Optimization of

1, the website SEO, visit the company’s website, click on any page, such as "breast" column, enter the page, you can see the title of the page is too simple, and no key set description.


client is using keywords in Baidu, Google and other search engines to search your information, so the keyword set is very important, when setting the key to pay attention to the customer through what keyword input to query the relevant information to meet the customer’s heart, the keyword is not the more the better, can be divided into major and minor keyword keyword the main keywords, as far as possible in the page is displayed on the site, but also not to push the plot, if pushed to the keyword accumulation, search engines will be considered cheating, so it is likely that the site will be closed. Secondary key as auxiliary, is the expansion of keywords. Such as the main key words: beauty salons, then the secondary key words: Guangzhou beauty salon.

if added, it is more in line with the search engine hobby, in order to be better to find

in the home page to add mate tag: < meta; name=" Keywords" content=" ice and snow, ice and Snow White Snow White’s quality, quality of emulsion " /> < meta name=" Description" content=" quality of ice and snow white emulsion for 7 days let you dazzle porcelain white skin, create a crystal of ice – Snow beauty ER quality white emulsion only official website will tell you the genuine quality of ice and snow white emulsion, price components and authorized dealers, beware of fake. " />


site title to the introduction point, appropriate to add keywords, such as < title> quality of ice and snow white emulsion official website of < /title>

3, the station links, each page in the soft text on the relevant links, is conducive to search engine search.

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