Xinhua news agency and Alibaba alliance to build YAHOO News Center

, the state news agency, Xinhua news agency, and the famous e-commerce group, Alibaba, formed a strategic alliance in November 28th, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement at the headquarters of Alibaba group in Hangzhou. Provincial Party committee, Party Secretary of Hangzhou Wang Guoping, deputy director of Xinhua news agency and other leaders attended the signing ceremony of Lu Wei.

Xinhua news agency is the state news agency, is the mouthpiece of the party and the people, and the information center in the world agencies, but also provide an important reference for the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and all levels of Party committees, governments and institutions. Alibaba is one of the world’s leading e-commerce group, one of the world’s best brands of e-commerce (B2B), is one of the world’s largest online trading market and business community.

according to the cooperation agreement, the development of Xinhua news agency will long-term tracking research group Alibaba, make full use of news and information gathering network throughout the world and powerful information processing, processing, transmission capacity, providing a variety of information services at home and abroad including macro information, industry information, policy information, market information, Alibaba group.

as a national news agency and Information Center, Xinhua News Agency China has the most abundant multimedia news and information, the two sides agreed on the strategic cooperation, to create a joint Alibaba owned by YAHOO news center.

according to reports, the Xinhua news agency will set up a professional team of analysts and technical research and development team, develop the digital analysis system of the Alibaba judged, to generate real-time massive electronic commerce trade data for efficient storage, sorting, processing and analysis, through the Xinhua news agency channel and, Xinhua, " 08" price monitoring and analysis report, economic analysis report released platform, timely release of market economy, the analysis of small and medium enterprises business and economic situation to judge, provides an important reference for government agencies, departments and enterprises economic decision-making.

Xinhua news agency and Alibaba group responsible person believes that the national news agency participation, for the growth of Alibaba than e-commerce group Hangzhou strong into the one and only of scarce resources, will add new power enterprises to take off again. The Xinhua news agency will also cooperate with the Alibaba group, open up new channels of information gathering in the new economy.

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