What is the cost of the nternet before the start of the business never thought

today, with the weakness of traditional real economy, the Internet has become the most popular areas of entrepreneurship, at the same time, a large number of capital poured into the Internet industry, many have not on-line Internet startups, and even many is not a complete BP project, may have been to get a good investment, so the financing environment, attracting the business ideas of young people, Everfount joined the army of entrepreneurship, but wait until after the join venture army found the real business environment in fact is not the case, in the project before the line, not even complete commercial BP before the investment project after all in a few more items, or can only wait until the the product line, with the operational data, can cause the attention of the investors.


any Internet venture, want to in the fierce competition in the Red Sea under the blaze a new trail, want to use the power of capital expansion and development, however, before the final investment, need to rely on the founder or the founding team of investment funds, in order to maintain a normal operation in the field of entrepreneurship, any marketer team. Especially cash strapped team, in the face of the shortage of funds, the natural need to use every penny in the hands, let the project a little bit more chance of success, anxious to put a penny to two money.

Internet business team, the best team configuration is natural product manager +UI designer + Development Engineer, this triangle, is not very perfect, but at least it is a complete Internet business team, to ensure that the project can normally go forward, a lot of entrepreneurs in the team, the founder is often the product manager, responsible for product planning and design, often also take into account the operation and test work, designers naturally needless to say, the visual design for the whole product system, concentrate on the engineers responsible for Coding.

in the mobile Internet era, many engineers are responsible for the server segment, write back engineer, front-end engineer is responsible for the front-end code, responsible for the application end prepared by the Andriod engineer and IOS engineer, so engineers also need a full stack engineer, background, front-end, Web, mobile terminal, server can fix everything, of course. The Engineer may be meet.so there.

has more than completed the configuration of the entrepreneurial team members, at least these costs can be saved:

, product prototype design outsourcing

The prototype design outsourcing

products are relatively few, but with the product manager for more and more professional, occasionally there will be a team in the prototype design stage, product manager for team outside help, with the help of prototype output more product manager for professional, is a demonstration for better products, more important is to clarify product ideas, product prototype cost is relatively low, relatively speaking, after all, in the Internet field, is not very common, the demand is not very strong.

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