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many people don’t have a party because most of the party is too much trouble, to know the details of the party is a big problem. The existing domestic party planning site is not perfect enough, that is, the charges are too high.

Punchbowl is a free party planning website that helps users plan and organize a party from beginning to end. Recently, the start-up company has raised $1 million 500 thousand in financing, investors are Valley (Silicon Bank). The financing brought to Punchbowl is not only $1 million 500 thousand of funds, but more importantly, $5 million 500 thousand in trading income.

said the fund will be used to expand the company’s marketing efforts, as well as to improve the development of e-commerce in Punchbowl.

users in the party, in the Punchbowl to create exquisite style send online invitations to your friends and family, Punchbowl and tracking reply function.

the site also offers a number of tools that you can use to find the party supplies and start a wonderful party. You can also use the Punchbowl algorithm to recommend an optimal date of the party to help you (like a lucky day at home).

Punchbowl can help you deal with party size matters, such as gift registration, date of registration, memo, message board for gift card, combined with Google map display party location, and share comments, pictures and video etc.. It’s all about the party. It’s all about you.

you can’t have a party, but you’re not going to have a party. You can’t have a party party every year, such as a holiday party, a birthday party, a party or even a wedding feast. Now you know the website Punchbowl, also try to invite your friends to do an open up a fresh outlook party.

article source: Techcrunch

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